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During the Reagan years, I dated a woman that had two children from a previous marriage.  They adopted a cat and went through this lengthy process of naming the animal.  I really didn’t want to get involved, so I figured that I would offer a suggestion so bad that they’d just leave me alone.

“How about Separation of Church and State” I said.


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That was about the one and only time the topic has been used as a punch line, in my lifetime.  These days, the assault on this core principle of The United States of America is no laughing matter.  I don’t have anything original to say about Theocracy, but since this is a blog – I won’t let that stop me.

Theocracies always end in murder.

Theocracies are always about money.

Theocracies are inefficient.

Theocracies always fail, fail miserably and the societies are worse off afterwards.

Theocracies always require military enforcement.

Theocracies are run by people who claim to get their instructions from an invisible being that is watching us all.

Theocracies lie.

Theocracies are an intentional grab of power, for economic advantages, masking lies and brutality with piety.

Theocracies always ask for more than they give.

Theocracies fight science, reason and knowledge for their personal gain.

Theocracies want us to be uneducated and poor, in debted to them and unable to resist their autocratic rule.

Theocracies define ‘religious freedom’ as their freedom to be the religion that makes the most money.

Theocracies discriminate against, judge and punish people for being different.

Theocracies are a license to do anything to anybody with a permission slip from an invisible being that is all-powerful but needs these people to run everything and collect money.

I don’t believe in God, so theocracies have nothing to offer me.



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