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"We Have A President Who Has Never Received A Paycheck"

TalkingPointsMemo points out an (unsurprisingly) ridiculous claim from the April 7th “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC. President Obama, despite being a self made millionaire several times over (the sort of thing I thought Republicans admired) has, apparently, never earned a “paycheck” in his life.

SCARBOROUGH: Think about this: We have a president who has never received a paycheck. … This guy – think about it – he’s running Detroit, he’s running Wall Street, he’s gonna run other sectors of our economy. Andrew, he’s never received a check from a profit-making business in his entire life. Not one check. … Think about the radicalism of that!

Watch it here:

Really, Joe? How about the working at several law firm parts, the law professor part, the state legislature part, the senator part, or the president part? Maybe those last three don’t count- I keep forgetting, government creating jobs is all just a liberal myth, right? Come to think of it, though, President Obama also work at Baskin-Robbins when he was in high school?  

I mean, if you want to make a point about President Obama having a limited amount of private sector experience relative to him making important decisions about companies like GM, Chrysler, AIG, et cetera- but give me a freakin’ break- make that claim.

Hell, it seems like ‘ole Joe himself didn’t do much except go to law school, work briefly for a law firm, and then get elected to Congress. By this logic, I could certainly make the claim he’s never earned a “paycheck”, either. He’s certainly never had to work a nine to five, or work two jobs to put food on the table for a baby girl, or wonder how you’ll make the next mortgage payment.

Say it ain’t so, Joe- there you go again. Distortions and false equivalency. Par for the course.


  1. Hollede

    is that he is a total blowhard who is constantly being proven wrong on his own show. He is an idiot with a big mouth. His only redeeming feature is, on occasion he will fess up, and admit he is a moron.

  2. psychodrew

    They prefer the over-educated black guy with the funny name to the GOP businessmen.  Morning asshole will just have to get over it.

    It’s going to be a looooooooooooooooong for years for this dickhead.

  3. anna shane

    It’s a sign of impotence, even if it were true no one would care.  It’s Barack who wants to help the paycheck crowd, not the pugs.  Minimum wage and health care improvements are not pug concerns.  

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