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Difficulty: Gov. Palin has to pick a Democrat to fill a Senate seat. Solution: Pick a Legislative Aide who was a registered Republican until a few weeks ago, and switched for the position.

Cornyn: “If Al Franken is seated as a Senator, then (Republicans) will start World War III”, stomp feet, cry.

John Murtha (D-Abscam): “If I’m corrupt, it’s because I take care of my district.” Well, I guess that makes it OK, then.

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What a week!


  1. rfahey22

    The Alaskan dude might actually be a Democrat, according to the article.  Supposedly he changed his party affiliation to R in order to vote strategically.


    What can I do to help purge your state of Michelle Bachmann, the woman who puts the extra nuttiness in wingnut?  I donated to her opponent whosit (Tinklenberg?) in the last election along with a lot of other people but apparently it wasn’t enough.

    This looneytune is a danger to herself and others.  Can you have her committed or something?

  3. HappyinVT

    check out mudflats

    New approval numbers for Sarah Palin came out a couple weeks ago, and I had fun crunching them.  And now, there are more.  Numbers are OK in isolation, but trends show the real picture.  So, while someone looking to spin the numbers in the governor’s favor might point to a respectalbe 59.8% approval rating, that’s not the whole picture.

    I can’t get the chart to copy over but it shows that Sarah’s “very positive” numbers have gone from 56% in August 2007 to 35% in March 2009.  Her “very negative” numbers have gone from 1% to 21%.  From July to October last year her “very negative” dropped from 5% to 21% where they’ve been holding steady.

    Keep in mind that these numbers reflect Alaskans’ opinion before Palin’s highly controversial choice of Wayne Anthony Ross as Attorney General, and before her no-show at a meeting with Legislators in Juneau to discuss the stimulus money, and before the release of her press release on that matter which Senate President Gary Stevens (R) said was “absolutely false.”

    There is also a comparison of Palin’s numbers compared to Murkowski, in case Sarah is seriously looking to try to take that seat.  Maybe she needs to worry about the polling in AK before she worries about the polling in IA.  Or, then again, maybe not.  🙂

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