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Obama's Press Conference "Gotcha" Moment

Only it was President Obama laying the smackdown on CNN’s Ed Henry.

In case you missed it the guy masquerading as a reporter for a television station masquerading as a news organization asked a question that included a part about why it took Obama a couple of days to respond to the AIG bonus kerfuffle.  The President answered the other part of the question but Ed, much to his subsequent dismay, refused to let it go.  And, he paid the price.


  1. nrafter530

    It’s 5am in Spain so I’m just watching it now. I was struck by this question;

    I wonder, sir, as a candidate who ran concerned about the image of the United States globally, how comfortable you are with the Chinese government, run by communists, less confident than they used to be in the U.S. dollar and European governments, some of them center-left, some of them socialist, who say you’re asking them to spend too much?

    Major Garrett needs to take a class on European government and maybe also clarify which governments he is talking about. The governments of France, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Italy are currently not run by socialists and may actually be further to the right economically than Obama and the Democratic Party. Sweden’s parliament currently has a center-right majority, although center right is Sweden is pretty far left. Czech Republic’s right wing government just fell today because of their inaction in the economy. It does not surprise me that these governments (specifically, I assume, Garrett was talking about France and Germany) are concerned with spending, because they’re not socialists.  

  2. Steve M

    The media types, inside their little bubble, truly cannot understand that the vast majority of the country does not subscribe to their news cycle game.  Nobody cares that Obama took 2 days or whatever to respond to the AIG bonus issue.  It wasn’t exactly Hurricane Katrina.

  3. rfahey22

    Regarding budget projections, all he had to say was that estimates more than five years or whatever in the future are essentially worthless because future budgets will be adjusted to the realities of that time.  He eventually said that, but it took a few questions to get there.

  4. more often.  When the president of the United States uses words, markets move and people live or die.  We can all stand a little hesitation in his speech and a teleprompter so he can get all of the words in the right order.  We don’t give a damn if he takes long enough to have an intelligent opinion as long as it isn’t a Katrina, and we expect him to take the time beforehand to have a response ready for things like that (for starters, don’t give the lead jobs to horse trainers).

    And in contrast to this, right now there is an attack ad on CNN from that sounds like an ad for Monster Truck Madness.  Guess what, far wingers?  Only 21% dis-approve of Obama’s SoC – a certain Mrs. Clinton – and that about sums up your own support.  The 21% who will hate anything done by a Democrat on purely partisan lines are the only ones who are slavering, the rest of us are quite fine with having an administration that is more professional and cautious than the last – even Joe Scarborough.

  5. creamer

     He allowed reporters from the conservative media to ask him questions and then he answered them. He didn’t even try to craft a non-answer, he just answered the questions as he believed and dared anyone to take issue.

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