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Overnight Open Thread and News Digest

Here’s the overnight news digest and open thread, courtesy of!

Latest rumor in Nevada is that Mitt Romney plans to move to the state and take on Harry Reid in a Mormon-on-Mormon steel-cage death match for Reid’s Senate seat. I’m not sure who to root for, here.

Obama backs merit-based pay for teachers, mirroring rest of working world. Naturally, teachers’ unions are opposed to this idea. Though I would be interested in seeing the proposed metrics before getting worked up either way.

Bush was apparently kept out of the decision process when the previous administration finalized their bank bail-out strategy, sez Republican wunderkid Karl Rove. Apparently, he was busy finishing “My Pet Goat: II”

And here’s a fun graph I found hanging around a Freeper hangout. Enjoy!


  1. At least for Freeper purposes.

    It seems to be saying that the stock market has traditionally linear growth but that the GOP winning both houses of congress led to the Irrational Exuberance phase of overpriced stocks, which have now come back to where they should be.  But maybe that’s just me…

    And how on god’s green earthworms can it be the Obama Recession when 90% of it happened under GWB’s tenure?

  2. Jjc2008

    Obama backs merit-based pay for teachers, mirroring rest of working world.

    Do you mean Obama mirrors how everyone feels (cause I am not sure I agree with that)…or that teachers should mirror the rest of the world in how they are paid?

    And does that mean that we also should do merit pay for police officers and fire fighters.  Give them bonuses for how many arrests they make?  Set a mark and say, “Look put out this many fires and bada boom…you get an extra 1000….”  

    Maybe I am just misunderstanding.

    For the record, as a forty year veteran of public school teaching, I am ADAMANTLY against merit pay. I find it as immoral and wrong to pit teachers against each other for money as I would if people suggested we do it for cops or firefighters.  It’s like putting a price on kids heads…..

    guaranteed to have masses of people deserting inner city schools  to go to affluent schools where getting paid based on “artificial standards” would be quite profitable.

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