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  1. it is because they break the layout on systems that are 1024×768, which accounts for quite a few of our visitors. The MM stats show that as 26%, but that is misleading because most of the regular users who account for a disproportionate amount of page loads use 1280px and above. It also breaks the layout even on higher resolution systems if your browser window isn’t full screen, which is how I browse most of the time. That’s why I notice it all the time. Any images that will appear on the front page need to be no larger than 525px wide.

  2. and see if I can win a little money playing poker online. Oops. That’s against the law. I meant play money, of course. ;~)

    Now that’s a law I’d love to see get repealed. I know the Dems have said they’d like to see it gone. I wonder if it’s on the agenda anytime soon?

  3. Most of the regulars on here know I’m not a member of the Democratic Party. I’m a true independent with no party affiliation. That means I can bash both parties without being called a traitor. Well, I’ve got some bashing to do.

    I’m sick of those big spending, nanny state – control your lives, welfare loving, military-hating cowards in the … Republican, aka Hypocrite, Party.

    Talk about big-spending. When the Republicans controlled congress and the WH they passed a whole ton of earmarks for their pet projects. The congressional Republicans spent, and spent, and spent some more. The WH was no better. Bush presided over a doubling of the national debt. They don’t even pretend to try to balance the budget. Cut revenues and increase spending is how they do it. Borrow and spend Republicans.

    We all know the Dems want to control your life. Just ask Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage. Well, I don’t see the Dems wanting to intrude in my bedroom. The Dems aren’t the ones who want the government to prohibit abortion choices. It isn’t the Dems who want to spy on us without warrants. It isn’t the Dems who want to say who can and cannot get married. Nope, not the Dems. I wonder who it could be? Oh yeah, the Republicans, that’s who.

    Welfare is another thing that gets my goat. Who gave these guys the right to take my hardearned money and give it to someone else? I mean, come on, give me a break, like Exxon and Richland need my paltry sums. I’d be interested to know how much corporate welfare has been in the farm bills passed with Republican support? Any guesses out there? Probably a hell of a lot more than was spent on food stamps for the poor. The GOP (Gang Of Pirates) never saw a corporate subsidy they didn’t like. Come talk to me about welfare when you’ve weaned Exxon off of the public teat.

    When it comes to the military, as I said in another thread, the only thing they love about the military is figuring out how to avoid service. They are all for sending other people off to die, preferably poor people, but don’t want to serve themselves. Big Mouth Rush Limpballs had a boil on his butt. G.W. had daddy pull strings so he could avoid active service overseas. Hannity? Nope, Mr. Square-Jaw never served. Surely, Bill O’Reilly was in the military? Nope. Neither was Dick ‘Torture’ Cheney, Karl ‘Goebbels’ Rove, or Bill Kristol Got us a whole flock of chickenhawks there.

    Damn, this should have been a diary.

  4. before turning off the laptop and heading for bed. The ad on the front page caught my attention.

    If Acai could make me look like that I’d be one funny looking dude.

    Obviously time for bed.

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