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  1. Jjc2008

    I am sick and tired of the media giving a pass to right wing lies, spin, talk points.

    The millionaire pundit class is mostly afraid to take on Rush…just as afraid as the republican congress persons and leadership are.  When do people like Brian Williams take back their “admiration” of this racist, homophobic hypocrite?  When does the pundit class show some class and courage and say the truth: Scapegoating with hate and anger works….and that is sad.  It worked for Hitler; it worked for leaders of the KKK, it worked for leaders of the extremes anywhere.  The reason people like Rush and Coulter get a following is because they tell people who have nothing that it’s not their fault; it’s the black man’s fault; it’s the women’s fault. And their followers’ grow because MSM gives them credence and spins for them.

    The millionaire pundit class, the ones happy to live in their gated communities and hang out with the likes of Jack Welch, help Rush.  As long as people like Rush and Coulter and Barnes and Hannity scapegoat minorities, women, immigrants, no one will focus on the insatiable greed of the people in the media; the winners of the DNA lottery (many of which go on to be paid millions in media jobs..because their daddies or mommies got them jobs).  

    Already MSNBC pundits, the ones who supposedly loved Obama, are turning on him (not surprise to me).  Some of us predicted this back during the primaries.  WHY NOW?  Their portfolios are looking bad.  These are people who prefer plutocracy to democracy.  They like their private clubs, exclusive parties and neighborhoods.

    Listening to these people lie and spin and cover for each other angers me.

    Kurtz today was wondering is the media too soft on the Obama administration? HUH?  For seven years, the media kissed W’s butt; covered for him.  They covered for him all through 1999 and trashed Al Gore.  They helped elect the dolt to office. They practically swooned over Ronald Reagan for years.  To this day, the press adores Ronald Reagan and none of them will talk about how trickle down failed; how immoral Reagan’s support of Pinochet and other Latin America despots was; how he lied and manipulated everything during Iran-Contra; how he was a huge factor in destroying the blue collar workers who helped elect him because of the way he scapegoated people of color and poor women, and unions.

    In fact since Reagan the press has been arse kissing the politicians of the right.  But when Bill Clinton got elected it was immediate hatred…….of poor white trash getting elected over the blue blood they so love.  Broder led the fight to trash the Clintons  long before Monica and many on the left helped.  

    NOW, you watch. The pundit class who supposedly adored Obama will turn on him too.  They are being more careful in how they do it because of the Internet and the Netroots and the ability to get information out without them.   But they will close ranks to protect the plutocracy. Watch them.

    My “open” thread rant….coming on the heels of watching the pundit class on a Sunday morning.

  2. Neef

    From Huffpo:

    Gingrich Takes On Rush: Hoping For Prez’s Failure Is “Irrational”

    Damn, is this classic triangulation or what? Newt pushes off against Rush, Rush no doubt pushes back, Newt gets lots of air time as the “Sane Republican”.

    You think this is freaking Huntsman out? “Ohh, hey! I’M the not-crazy one!!”.

  3. KLRinLA

    makes snark look dark and nasily aggresive… what’s dark about delvishly clever and raw, biting sarcasm?  

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