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Michael Steele : Off the Hook Hip Hop Makeover for the G.O.P.

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Michael Steele is putting the G in G.O.P.

Newly elected Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele plans an “off the hook” public relations offensive to attract younger voters, especially blacks and Hispanics, by applying the party’s principles to “urban-suburban hip-hop settings.”

Huh, you sleepy or some shit Steele? Seems like your babbling because that shit was in the gamma quadrant of understandability. I know the G.O.P. be getting their feelings hurt a few times with the rejection and clowning of their ignorance but this be out there even for these fools.

MixMaster Mike Steele has been doing a lot of outlandish shit as of late and while when he entered the game he seemed to be bringing something good to the game. At this point it feels like he is just a clown. When he came out I was checking for homie, he had some real potential now he is just acting a fool.

Ya dig?

On a more serious note.

This looks awfully ridiculous and cynical of the G.O.P to try and pull immediately after America elected Barack as President. This follows along the lines of “Let’s Get Palin As VP To Get the Hillary Vote” tactic they used last year.

How obvious and pathetic can you get?

“There was underlying concerns we had become too regionalized and the party needed to reach beyond our comfort” zones, he said, citing defeats in such states as Virginia and North Carolina. “We need messengers to really capture that region – young, Hispanic, black, a cross section … We want to convey that the modern-day GOP looks like the conservative party that stands on principles. But we want to apply them to urban-surburban hip-hop settings.”

But, he elaborated with a laugh, “we need to uptick our image with everyone, including one-armed midgets.”

One armed midgets? Forehead Slap Pictures, Images and Photos

Why didn’t we think about that?

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There is a cultural of self-denial in the dominant culture, beginning with the corporate media which both enables and condones the gimmickry of the GOP. If the GOP is ever going to climb out of that big hole they’re in, they’re going to have to stop thinking like second graders (no offense to 2nd graders out there).

Micheal Steele wants to give them a hip-hop makeover? That’s rich. The political equivalent of turning my grandma into a pole dancer.

It is insulting for Steele to imply that young African Americans will suddenly feel they are important to the GOP just because of some tricked out advertising.

Try being relevant first, Mr. Steele.

Change the hateful and divisive GOP messages, Mr.Steele.

Address racism, sexism, homophobia, gang problems, and immigration, Mr.Steele.

Most critically, the Republican party needs to hit the streets THEMSELVES if they want to connect with disenfranchised Americans, not just toss candy from the float and wave. Some community organizing to find out what people different than you are actually thinking might do you good. And yes, the people you classify as the urban-suburban hip hip crowd are different than you.

No one is going to take any of you seriously until they see some worn old GOP habits dying….hard.

This is the first thing that came to my mind and I’m sure you peeps thought about it too. So I’ll just go ahead and add it to the diary.

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(barf bags not included)

Maybe some of you thought I should add some snark tags.

Sad thing is I’m dead serious here.

In the truth is stranger than fiction vibe I give you the inspiration for Michael Steele and his new marketing strategy.


Check out the classic Nas beatdown on FOX.

Very approriate here.

Mr.Steele. Hip Hop has something to say to you.

Sly Fox

The sly fox


We locked

In the idiot box

The video slots


The Waco Davidian plots

They own YouTube, Myspace

When this ignorant shit gon’ stop?

They monopolizing news

Your views

And the channel you choose


Visual cancer

The eye

In the sky

Number five

On the dial

secret agenda

Frequency antenna

Doctor mind bender

Remote control



Your brain holder

Slave culture

Game’s over

What’s a Fox characteristic?

Slick shit



Pimp the station

Over stimulation



Comcast digital Satan

The Fox has a bushy tail

And Bush tells

Lies and Foxtrots

So I don’t know what’s real


Watch what you watchin’

Fox keeps feeding us toxins

Stop sleeping

Start thinking

Outside of the box and

Unplug from The Matrix doctrine

But watch what you say Big Brother is watchin’

Watch what you watchin’

Fox keeps feeding us toxins

Stop sleeping

Start thinking

Outside of the box and

Unplug from The Matrix doctrine

But watch what you say Fox 5 is watchin’

[Verse 2:NaS]

The Fear Factor got you all rattled up

O’ Reilly

Oh really?

No rally needed

I’ll tie you up

Network for child predators, settin’ ’em up

Myspace pimps, hoes, and sluts

Ya’ll exploit rap culture, then ya’ll flip on us

And you own the post, and ya’ll shit on us

What is they net worth?

They gon’ try to censor my next verse?

Throw ’em off the roof neck first

While I’m clicking my cursor

Reading blogs about the pressure they put on Universal

It gets worse while I’m clicking my mouse

While they kickin’ my house

They figured us out

Why a nigga go south

It’s either he caught a body, no sleep they watchin’!

I watch CBS

And I See B.S.!

Tryin’ to track us down with GPS

Make a nigga wanna invest in PBS


Watch what you watchin’

Fox keeps feeding us toxins

Stop sleeping

Start thinking

utside of the box and

Unplug from The Matrix doctrine

But watch what you say Big Brother is watchin’

Watch what you watchin’

Fox keeps feeding us toxins

Stop sleeping

Start thinking

Outside of the box and

Unplug from The Matrix doctrine

But watch what you say Fox 5 is watchin’

[Verse 3:NaS]

They say I’m all about murder-murder and kill-kill

But what about Grindhouse and Kill Bill?

What about Cheney and Halliburton? (Halliburton?)

The backdoor deals

On oil fields

How’s NaS the most violent person?

Ya’ll don’t know talent if it hit you

Bringin’ up my criminal possession charges with a pistol (pistol)

I use Viacom

As my firearm

And let the lyrics split you

Who do you rely upon?

They shoot shells at Leviathan

I’m dealing with the higher form

Fuck if you care how I write a poem?

Only Fox that I love was the red one

Only black man that Fox loves is in jail or a dead one!

Red rum

Political bedlam

Don’t let the hype into your eyes and ear drum

Murdoch on Fox

Not 18 with Barracas

And he hate Barack cause

He march with the marchers


I pledge allegiance to the fair and balanced truth.

Not the biased truth

Not the liar’s truth

But the highest truth

I will not be deceived

nor will I believe

In the Propaganda

I will not fall for the Okey-Doke

I am tuned-in


Watch, cause they’re watching

Watch what you’re watching

Better watch, cause they’re watching

Watch what you’re watching


Misleading ya

Watch what you’re watching



  1. HappyinVT

    There are no Republicans from NE in the House and barely any in the Senate; Obama won handily most states that he won, and came close in some he wasn’t expected to (MT, ND and, yes, AZ).  He turned IN, NC, IA, and VA blue.  You can almost go from east coast to west coast without hitting a red state.

    Meanwhile the GOP seems to be firmly entrenched in, hmmm, the southeast and parts of the west.

    And now Mr. Steele thinks that a little “hip hop” will turn things around?  Seriously?  This from the party that thought a cd of the current POTUS being referred to as a “negro,” magic or otherwise, was appropriate?  This from the party that is against everything (or most things) that young people aren’t so much against anymore?  What are they going to do?  Rap for abstinence-only birth control, or against same-sex marriage, or against gays in th military, or for pulling families apart in the name of ending illegal immigration.  If this is their plan, color me unimpressed.

    BTW, note to Mr. Steele, it’s probably not a good idea to refer to potential constituents as “one-armed midgets.”  The appropriate term is “little people.”  Dumbass.

  2. Michael L. Williams, Texas Railroad Commissioner (thank you, Rachel Maddow).

    Rachel’s guest right now – Mellissa Harris-Lacewell, Princeton University political sciences prof – is putting it so incredibly well right now. (that has got to make it to the Tubes – hint, Hollede!)  (sic)”The one thing that Hip-Hop is about more than anything is not pretending to be something you aren’t.”

    This all reminds me of when Brian Adams had a mosh pit built at a place where he was going to have a concert (btw, I hate Brian Adams.  What a stiff.).  Hint:  you don’t order your people to construct a mosh pit, mosh pits just happen

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