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What do you want to read?

One of the most common complaints about the Beltway media is that they are more concerned with process than with policy. That's why we get stories about Boehner improving his image by leading the House Republicans against the stimulus. We also hear about Republicans getting shut out of the debate. When it comes to policy, silence. That is why we never heard a discussion about the merits of the items in the stimulus bill that the Republicans opposed. All we heard were the Republicans belittling such items.

The media is sometimes part of the solution, but more often part of the problem. There are signs that the blogosphere is causing the media to improve their coverage. The signs are few and far between now, however that will change as time goes on. With that in mind, how should the Moose contribute to the discussion? In other words, what do you guys and gals want to read?


  • Health care
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Income Inequality
  • Michelle Obama's Fashion Sense
  • Obama's Hidden Marxist Agenda
  • John Allen's Obsession with Cooking
  • ???
One subject I would love to see covered would be a comparison of health care systems around the world. What works and what doesn't?
Another subject I'd like to read about is what options we have going forward in Afghanistan.
Something I've started to write about is debunking Right-wing talking points and lies.
If we get enough ideas this diary could be turned into a static page that could be listed in the menu. Whenever you have what you think is a good idea for a diary, but don't have time to write it yourself, add it to the comments. This would be a handy reference for anyone looking for something to write about.
Let's hear from the rest of you. What would you like to read or write about?


  1. I like the technical stuff.  Let’s lay things out side by side and argue the pros and cons.  Your examples are great ones:

    o comparison of health care systems around the world.

    o options we have going forward in Afghanistan.

    And you could add all day long:

    o  energy options – a comparison of cost and impact

    – geothermal (I’d still love to find out why this isn’t a no-brainer almost anywhere: we drill deep holes every freaking day…)

    o  education options – a comparison of solutions to improve education

  2. Or rather how a vision of our economic future, the Reagan Thatcher vision, has potentially crumbled, and what new visions will take its place.

    I feel that the last six months have seen a profound rupture in three decades worth of thinking. And this is having a global impact, with the financial crisis extending to Eastern Europe now.

    My hope is that we’re not ‘pre’ something, as the obvious analogy with the 30s would lead us to believe. The failure of capitalism then led to the temporary triumphs of nazism and communism in Europe.

    I wonder where this crisis will lead us…

  3. spacemanspiff

    If we get enough ideas this diary could be turned into a static page that could be listed in the menu.

    C’mon J!

    John Allen’s Obsession with Cooking

    You’ve teased this so many times already. I’ve got your rec and fierce ready right here!

  4. One is “Whither conservatism in the 21st century” and the other is an analysis of Republican policies towards the middle class.

    I’ve done some research on the second and written a small part of it. The tentative title is “Compassionate Conservatism” with the sub-title “The Republican War on the Middle Class”. The preliminary research I’ve done shows a clear trend since Reagan’s day. Now I’m looking to see if this is a natural trend or whether Republican policies, like the Bush tax cuts, have shaped it.

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