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Letters From My Ex: Operation Destroy Obama

My ex-girlfriend and I are still friends. She’s back in New York and is a political writer for a major newspaper there, that for her sake, will remain nameless in this diary.

She e-mailed me early this morning (I guess late last night there) and told me about an interesting Friday editorial meeting she had with political editors. This, btw, is a very liberal newspaper that always endorses Democrats.

Here’s some of her e-mail…

He had his laptop in the meeting and they were going through some of the blogs you read; Open Left, Dailykos, Talking Points Memo, and everyone at the table were laughing at the comments some people left there.  He was giggling and saying how some of those comments were batshit crazy. So he assigned me to write an article about how Obama is “betraying” the people leaving comments on these blogs, his base.

So he told me to write a story about Democratic infighting. He said the drama in the Democratic party is juicy news. He wants me to check these blogs and finds comments attacking Obama’s policies and turn them into a story by next Wednesday. Can you help me out?

The point was that she wanted me to help her since I read these blogs all the time, but I thought it was interesting that the news media is using the blogsphere and means to skewer Obama.

This is what we’re up against, the Mainstream Media creating faux drama using our own…and our blogs, these forces we put together to fight for good, have become running jokes.

I’d be surprised Obama even pays attention to us AT ALL.  


  1. sricki

    that half the people moaning and groaning on the blogs are trolls, some of whom are likely Republicans trying to get their jollies by annoying the holy living piss out of liberals and progressives.

    Then direct her — along with her editor — to The Moose to show them what civil debate looks like.

  2. rfahey22

    There is quite a lot of handwringing on blogs such as Openleft, in my opinion.  But hey, they want influence, so I suppose that this is an achievement of sorts.  Unfortunately, no one will ever be perfect in the eyes of Sirota and others, who seem to have an opinion about everything but expertise in very few relevant areas.

  3. psychodrew

    Don’t you just love how the MSM reports the news instead of going out and looking for information to support their bias?

    And they think we’re batshit crazy?  No, we are HONEST.  Deal with it.

  4. fogiv

    If there aint no drama, make some up.  We all saw how the MSM conflated the PUMA movement (snicker) with a imminent (OMG!) democratic party split, as if PUMA somehow commanded Hillary’s 18 million votes.  The reality was that PUMA was a silly fringe who couldn’t fill the small conference room at the Airport Plaza hotel.

  5. Steve M

    I’d be surprised if someone in the White House doesn’t have the job of staying on top of what opinion leaders in the blogosphere are saying, but digging through the comments is just nutpicking.  Endless source of fodder if the media wants to manufacture stories like this, of course.

    There’s always going to be critics.  The trick is figuring out whether a critic is a lone nutjob or whether their criticisms are shared by tons of other people.  The Internet sometimes makes it tough to know the answer, but if you genuinely care you can figure it out.  Or you could just take one wacky comment, decide that this is the voice of the entire netroots, and run with it…

    Does the media ever run stories based around the comments of some random caller from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show?  Hmm.

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