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ACTION ALERT: Tell Obama & Congress to Support Family Planning Health Care!

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I just found this at TalkLeft. After all the hell progressive/feminist activists raised over needed family planning funds being cut from the economic stimulus package, President Obama may be listening to our concerns after all. And better yet, he may be willing to do something about it!

Women’s health advocates were dismayed this week to see the removal of family-planning aid from Congress’ economic recovery bill after a push by Republicans to politicize a generally cut-and-dry issue of Medicaid waivers. […] But the dismay may not last long. A source present at today’s White House signing ceremony for the Lilly Ledbetter bill tells me that President Obama gave assurances that the family planning aid would be done soon — perhaps as soon as next week, when the House is set to take up a spending bill that would keep the government funded until October.

But hey, you know me better than to think I’ll just “hope” that Congress just magically includes this in the spending bill next week. No, we need to make it happen!

So what can we do to ensure working-class women can access the health care they need? We talk to President Obama! We call Congress! We take action to make it happen!

It’s a shame that so many women have been denied family planning health care for the last eight years simply because Dumbya Bush and his Rethuglican Party have been vehemently opposed to any and all forms of contraception. But now that those @ssclowns are out of office, we have a chance to fix this problem and fully fund the health care that so many women need. Please join me in asking the Democratic leaders in Washington to stand up for the many women who helped put them into office.


  1. LotusBloom


    Obama: Rest Easy, Folks

    A source who was at the White House signing ceremony today says Obama offered assurances that the family planning dollars stripped from the stimulus package will be back in an upcoming spending bill.

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