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  1. psychodrew

    For humans in general, religious beliefs serve essential psychological functions for humans.  I am a devout Christian and a believer in the Old and New Testament, but I am also a student of science and I cannot deny the growing body of evidence that religious faith serves an essential psychological function.

    I’ve found that it is hard to be a person-of-faith and a person-of-science because so many die-hards on one side have trouble with the other.  At the end of the day, I believe that they are different (not competing) explanations for the human condition.  I look to science to explain the laws of nature.  I look to religion to understand myself.  One can’t refute or support the other.  They exist in two completely different realms.

  2. It is not my place to make such a decision for everyone else.  Who am I to arbitrarily decide that no-one else can handle the truth, and therefore deny it to them?

    Likewise if the inverse were the case (proof of the existence of a creator).

    Of course, there is not even the philosophically conceivable possibility of such proof or disproof, but as a thought exercise that’s where I’d come down on the choice.

  3. fogiv

    I’d disseminate the information.  Those who would be inclined to keep their beliefs intact would do so regardless of the strength of the proof to the contrary.  Religions are human constructs that meet specific social and cultural needs, and they evolve along with us.

    The Old Testament tells us that clouds are the dust from God’s feet.  Today, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who still actually believes that.  Even if you did, who cares?  So long as folk aren’t trying to indoctrinate, or stifle the work of meteorologists.

  4. Hollede

    Not so long ago I was certain that a higher power did not exist. I have never believed in any organized religion, but have learned to respect some religious tenets. And respect the people who follow them.

    For the first 35 years of my life, I was never sure about the existence of a higher power. I had no proof one way or the other. However, the start of the 21 century helped me be certain, the world was a strange combination of Machiavellian Existentialism. (Now I think I invented this term/philosophy in late 2000, so no correcting please. Oh and I love the Prince/Prince connection. Heh.) I was enjoying my angst. Can you guess why? In other words, life has absolutely no point, but the bastards really are out to do their worst for their own purposes. And the nastiest ones usually win. This was a dark place in which to live and I only shared it with others in order to make fun of our world.

    Within the past year, I have changed my mind due to personal experiences. I actually still believe in the M/E, but feel there are other aspects to life. Love is also a powerful force and what you send out really does come back. I still have no interest in organized religion for me, as I feel spirituality is a deeply personal experience, that is probably unique to anyone affected by this force.  

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