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Friday Fun: Name the 'on hold' music that you hate!

I’ll start:

Minutes turn into hours and add up to days, weeks and months of my life on the phone.  That said, the absolute bane of my telco experience is The Phone Bridge.  

For every one hour I spend on a phone bridge, I’ll bet that I average maybe 3 minutes talking.  Most of them are one-way diatribes with a Q&A at the end.  By the time it ends, there is no question I could possibly have that would convince me to extend this misery one second longer.

BUT, if there is anything more painful, more irritating or more de-motivating than phone bridges, it is the hold music that I have to listen to – waiting for the infernal thing to even begin.

For us, it’s Chuck Mangione (I don’t know the song title).  I feel like Alex in A Clockwork Orange, suffering under the Ludovico technique.




    • Gimme bass-drums-guitar-horns and I’m feelin it.

      I’m all about keys and beats in a hip hop context.  But R&B to me is sweaty and soulful and raw and live, not generated on protools.

      (Of course one of this applies to MJ, Off the Wall through Bad.)

  1. Kenny G. is annoying as hell as on-hold music.

    Speaking of music I tend to dislike, try honky tonk. That’s probably my least favorite music genre. The funny thing is that I’m going to a show for a honky tonk band tomorrow night. The only reason I can endure a night of that is because it is my nephew’s band. They’ve just returned to town after a multi-state trip. They are playing in Kansas City, MO tonight and then here tomorrow night. If you like Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard type music you would like this. I never thought I’d voluntarily listen to honky tonk. The things we do for family.

    My nephew, Eric, is the lead singer. His maternal grandfather gave up a career as a studio musician in Nashville to raise a family. He taught Eric how to play an acoustical guitar when he was quite young. He’s now an accomplished musician on guitar, bass guitar, and drums. He’s a heck of a drummer. He could be a drummer for any of a number of rock bands, but his heart is in guitars and old-time country music.

  2. rfahey22

    They’re pretty much the same group, anyway.  Thankfully I only have to suffer through them at the holidays.

  3. Kysen

    for example, from our Baroque friend Bach:

    It does not translate well at all thru the wee speakers phones have. Add a wee bit of signal distortion and is like broken glass sliding along one’s tympanic membrane.

    I hang up and make (*ask kindly) someone else deal with it.

    Sad thing is, I actually like such compositions greatly when fed to my brain via quality speakers.

    As hold music, though….pure torture.

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