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Ted Kennedy has "seizures that lasted several minutes" and collapses

George Stephanopoulos:

Kennedy was at a table with Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., Vice President Mondale and Mrs. Mondale, and others. While at the table, Kennedy began having seizures that lasted for several minutes. As they were carrying Kennedy out of the room, he was still seizing. President Barack Obama went out of the room with him, but he is back in the luncheon room now.

Obama :

“First of all, I know that while I was out of the room, concern was expressed about Teddy,” Obama said. “He was there when the Voting Rights Act passed. And, along with John Lewis, was a warrior for justice. And so I would be lying to you if I did not say that right now a part of me is with him. And I think that is true for all of us. This is a joyous time, but it’s also a sobering time. And my prayers are with him and his family and Vicki.”

Send prrayers and positive vibes to Teddy and his family.


  1. He’s awake and aware. That’s about all I know. It was a stressful day and he was out in the cold for quite awhile. Hopefully this was caused by those factors or possibly by the medications he’s on.

  2. sricki

    he’s going to be okay, but it scared the hell out of me. The only real “blemish” on what was otherwise a relatively perfect day. It was very worrisome.

    Ted is in my thoughts.

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