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The accomplishments of George W. Bush

The list of George W. Bush’s accomplishments is breathtaking.  As we bid him farewell, we should spend some time reflecting on what he has done on our behalf.  

Please feel free to add your memorials in the comments.

George W. Bush presided over the first attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor.  He lied to get us into an unprovoked war.  He underestimated what it would take to achieve his ambitions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as a consequence, we continue to pour out endlessly our national treasure.  He took billions of dollars in cash to Iraq to “rebuild” its economy, failed to achieve that end, and the money vanished.  He let the perpetrator of 9/11 go uncaught for seven years after the calamity.  He destroyed our national reputation among our allies and compromised our ethical leadership throughout the world.  He set up a concentration camp and endeavored to eviscerate our civil liberties.  He dismissed the Constitution as a mere piece of paper and joked that things would be a lot easier for him were he American’s dictator.  He destroyed American education through his misguided No Child Left Behind program.  He stood idly by as one of America’s greatest cities was destroyed in a natural disaster, and when he was caught up short, he instituted a rebuilding program that not only failed miserably to rebuild the destroyed American icon but resulted in billions of dollars that simply vanished.  He presided over the largest increase in not just the national deficit but also the national debt.  He took the longest national expansion of the economy in American history and turned it into an economy that teeters on the brink of depression, and in the process, he forced the whole world economy into recession.  In order to rebuild the US financial system, he gave it three hundred billion dollars, failed to achieve the end for which he sought the money, and the money vanished.  (Wow.  Is there a pattern here?)

Presidents like Fillmore and Buchanan languish in American history because they did nothing.  George W. Bush was so proactively bad that it seems unlikely anyone will ever exceed him as a failed president.  Without a question, the man is the nadir of American history.  When we look back at the stolen election of 2000, and our quiescence in the face of his grab for power, it seems truly that we simply misunderestimated the man.  Perhaps we forgot that it only takes a single bullet to kill a horse.


  1. He has single handedly put Transatlantic Relations into one of its most parlous states since World War II. There’s always some lurking anti American resentment in Europe, but George W made it not only fashionable, but almost understandable.

    Distrust, dislike, ridicule of George W Bush could quickly unite Germans and French, right wingers and left wingers, even Bosnian and Serb. No mean feat.

    George W Bush contributed to world harmony in that so many diverse people were united AGAINST him.

    No mean feat. I wonder if there’s a medal for that.

  2. This period – not just George, but the expanding ability to be aware (read, the Intertoobs) as well – has provided reams of opportunity to reflect on what we are as a nation and to discuss it amongst ourselves and with our international peers.  George has been a parody of the Ugly American and underscored the period with a visible example of what we are not interested in being.

    Rebound time.

  3. in some ways obama could not have come into a kinder situation in that there is not much to live up to.  unfortunately though bush left such a disaster – literally – that obama will probably spend the majority of his two terms fixing the mess caused by one of the biggest douches in history.

  4. Strummerson

    For demonstrating the fallacy of so many conservative and neo-conservative dogmas: the hubris of American exceptionalism, the importance of an unhindered executive and a hamstrung legislature, benevolent outcome of an under-regulated market, the economic and strategic importance of an energy policy calibrated to please oil companies, shall I go on?

    And to those Americans who want to argue that he was insufficiently or inconsistently conservative, explain to us how Caesar was insufficiently or inconsistently dictatorial to save the Roman republic.

  5. creamer

     Richard Perle is disavowing any neo-con involvment in Iraq strategy. Cheney is claiming not to be a puppet master. GW has actually come to the conclusion that he has regrets!

     I thought his best moment was doing a soft-shoe waiting for McCain to appear for his indorsment.  

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