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A Late Christmas Gift

I have been watching Morning Joe again. For better or worse, I am hopelessly addicted to that show. Perhaps I am a bit masochistic to subject myself to such a blowhard fool as Joe Scarborough each morning, but I will admit that the show is fun, and they have a wide variety of interesting guests each morning.

I do find myself screaming at the tv, telling Mr. Scarborough what an idiot he is on a regular basis. Today I received a late Christmas gift from Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski who did my bidding this morning. Please watch this hilarious clip of the esteemed Dr. Brzezinski laying a fabulous smack down on a very silly little man.

Perhaps I like the show because it is the only conservative leaning news program I am able to watch, and even enjoy. I am able to get a sense of the opposition without causing me extreme gastronomical eruptions (better for the carpet).

I am also fascinated by Mr. Scarborough. He is the epitome of the reactionary loudmouth who  talks out of his ass (at least much of the time) and seems to base his reasoning on personal, tunnel vision experiences. This defect is not just limited to conservatives, but I will save my diatribe on progressive blowhards for another day.

Billo is also like this, but he is so putrid and lacking any positive qualities, he is impossible to watch. Mr. Scarborough’s few redeeming attributes seem to be his ability to play the fool and admit (on occasion) that he is wrong. I do not think that Mr. O’Reilly has any such sense of self comprehension.


  1. brzezinski is the last person anyone should be listening to on this topic.  by his own logic he proudly proclaims that Israel is the source of Middle East tensions.  and sorry – everything he is saying in this clip is as much hearsay as what old joey is spouting.

    brzezinski has made his feelings about israel clear – he’s not a fan.

  2. louisprandtl

    in his book My Life pinned the failure of the Camp David talks of 2000 on Arafat. Arafat famously walked away from the negotiations. Only folks like Norman Finkelstein and Swisher thought it otherwise. Brzezinski cleverly moved the ball to 2001 blaming Ariel Sharon for the failure of the  Taba talks after he defeated Barak. I find Dr. B’s argument not to be very persuasive and dishonest. Here’s a man who was the architect of CIA funding for Islamic mujaheddins in Afghanistan to confront Russia. He still now refuses to acknowledge his role in the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and likes of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida…

    He might have scored some cheap points against Joe Scarborough but he is not the man I look to for intellectual honesty….

  3. creamer

     It seems that the Soviets involvement in Afghanistan was their Vietnam, possibly leading directly to their collapse in the 90’s. The rise of Islamic fundementalist was an unintended consequence that I’m not sure anyone saw coming in the early 80’s.

    I’m neither a fan nor an apologist for Dr.B, but I did enjoy his fun with Joe.

  4. doesn’t really apply. In fact, that is one major reason we haven’t applied more pressure for peace. When the Palestinians fire rockets they aren’t killing Americans. When the Israelis respond they aren’t killing Americans. It’s not happening to us. It’s not even happening in our neighborhood. When the peace process breaks down, we can shrug our shoulders and say, “Oh well, we tried.”

  5. spacemanspiff

    I want to make clear that I consider myself to be pro Israel and I think HAMAS is a terrorist organization who is lower than shit on the food scale.

    As a progressive I do not care whose fault it is.

    War is wrong.

    We all know how much leaders take collateral damage into consideration when employing “tactics” during warfare (they don’t).

    One of my beefs with the Iraq war “reporting” is that the number of our dead  soldiers is mentioned but barely a peep is heard of the hundreds of thousands of innocent children and adults who have died thanks to this war.

    I can not condone the killing of innocent civilians. Hamas wants a high body count and while I’m sure Israel doesn’t , but they are giving them exactly they want.

    Both Israel AND Hamas share EQUAL blame for the massacre of innocent civilians.

    2 wrongs never make a right. NEVER. Making excuses for either is just that.


    Collateral damage is just some made up word used so those involved in it can sleep at night.

    I lived part of my life in the ghetto and el “barrio” and our projects was attacked numerous times by those looking to control the drug buisness. Our neighbors put us in that situation by using our neighborhood as a place to deal drugs and gangbang. I knew where the people shooting our place up where from. That doesn’t mean I was going to get myself and AK-47 and spray their neighborhood up trying to get to the perps. I have had many close friends die in the drug war (both innocent and not) and many times I felt like the Israelis must feel now…

    Fuck it, I’m getting a piece and I’m taking these motherfuckers down by any means necessary.

    I never did. But others did do that which led to more deaths and the vicious cycle continued. Violence always leads to more violence.

    Some might discard my thoughts and analogy as not having anything to do with what is going on in the M.E. right now. But I tell them that they are wrong. War for oil, for religion, for a piece of land, for drugs …

    War is war.

    I am an anti war progressive and that means EVERY war.

    I don’t pick and choose which ones I’ll “support”.

    I can not support the current Israeli offensive and I find it deeply disturbing.

    I hope the conflict ends and I hope another way is found to dismantle the turd that is HAMAS.

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