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The Narrative : No regrets!


I heard the best joke earlier today.

Wait …

That wasn’t a joke?

Bush and Cheney are so craaaaazy.

Check out the narrative.

Faced with a faltering economy and a precarious national security position, President George W. Bush made the best of a bad situation and sought to unite the country in spite of Washington’s toxic political culture.

That’s how Bush views his tenure in office, according to a recent round of exit interviews he and Vice President Dick Cheney have done as part of an effort to wind up their administration on a positive note.


Read the whole thing and check out the talking points.

High comedy.

What is your take on what really went down?


  1. spacemanspiff

    “Compassionate conservatism basically says that if you implement this philosophy, your life would become better. That’s what it says.”


  2. creamer

     He has presided over conservatives efforts to dismantle government and I’m not sure he even knew it. The last eight years have seen an idealogical experiment in minimalist government in almost every sector. The enviroment has suffered, the people have suufered, the economy has suffered. He has created some problems and made other problems worth. All for an idealology thats primary goal is profit at the expense of everything else.


  3. America is such a dynamic, powerful innovative nation that most of the time you guys make the rest of the world feel a bit small.

    And then you go and elect Bush twice (or once anyway) and we could all see how dumb he was, and feel superior in some kind of underhand way…

    Alas those days have gone, and we’ll have to get our own houses in order. Damn.


    I want someone who understands and cares about our constitutional rights and our human rights and our welfare.  

    I want to be able to trust that every decision made has those rights in mind.

    I want a President who admits mistakes and takes steps to correct them.

    I want a President who pays attention, who reads reports given to him/her by experts.

    In wartime, I want a President who takes responsibility and let’s the Generals on the ground decide the tactics but not the goals or the strategy.

    I want a President who engages in dialogue with heads of other nations, both allies and enemies, to work out a path of mutual benefit.

    I want a President who will leave the country better off after his/her elected time is up.

    Is that too much to ask?


  5. fogiv

    My brother-in-law is a screenprint artist (lots of rock posters, that sort of thing) and he described Bush as:

    …a human oil slick with a cowboy thug mentality, who seems to believe when all else fails, pretend you won. It’s a family tradition.

    Here’s a print he did for the cover of our local weekly paper:


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