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I expect more from Barack

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I am dissapointed in Barack Obama.

Very dissapointed.

I never thought that the P-elect could puke rainbows, shit unicorns and piss peace.


I always knew he was just another pol. A great one. But still a politician.

I’ve seen him make bullshit moves to advance his political goals and I’ve stuck by him because this is how the game works. .

His economic policy apparently was not  written up in crayon by a bunch of fourth graders.

It doesn’t look like he’s going to try to grope the economy while driving her home after a bad date either.

No rufie colada for the Economy thank you very much.

He wants us out of Iraq and is actually interested in getting Bin Laden.

But …

HE FUCKED UP this time.

Aretha Franklin and Dr. Rick Warren, an evangelical minister of the Saddleback Church, are among the select group of people who will participate in Barack Obama’s inaugural swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20.

Rick Warren?



Really fucked up.

Dr. Warren, author of “The Purpose Driven Life,” will deliver the invocation.

Why the hell do we even have church mixed up with state in the first place? This coming from a christian (me).

Warren might not be so blatant about his homophobia (he has gay friends!) but his support of Prop 8 says all you need to know about the man.

Barack Obama has 4 years to prove that he is a progressive when it comes to civil rights. I see nothing that makes me think otherwise as far as mainstream politicians are concerned. But this is a rocky start and I’m pretty pissed off about it (even if I’m not surprised).

We learned from the Bush years that the never ending campaign only leads to trouble.

The elections are over and he should remember who helped get him elected in the first place.


/rant mode off


  1. However, I agree that Warren is a poor choice. Obama supporters who find this choice offensive have a right to complain. I suspect the Obama team is going to catch a lot of flak over this.

    This wasn’t the only news that bothered me today. I don’t like the choice of Salazar or Vilsack for cabinet posts. LaHood also seems like a strange pick.

    Oh well, I never expected to approve of everything Obama does. The pluses have outweighed the minuses so far. I don’t want to get caught up in criticism even before he takes office. We’ll see how I feel 6 months from now.

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