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Vote Vets Petition for Max Cleland and Tammy Duckworth

Please take a moment to sign this petition to help Vote Vets encourage President Elect Barack Obama to find a role in his administration for veterans Tammy Duckworth and Max Cleland.


Here is the petition in full:

We the undersigned are voicing our support for President-Elect Obama to bring former Senator Max Cleland and Tammy Duckworth into the new administration.

Max Cleland served our nation with honor in Vietnam, losing three limbs on the battlefield. Max could have used that as an excuse to live out the rest of his life quietly, but he did not. Upon his return, he served Veterans in his home state of Georgia, and then became the head of the Veterans Administration (now the Department of Veterans Affairs). He served his home state again, as a member of the Senate. Every step of the way, Max never forgot the veterans who came before him, and those who would be coming after him.

Tammy Duckworth served America in Iraq. Duckworth lost both of her legs in 2004, when the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter she was co-piloting was hit by a rocket propelled grenade fired by Iraqi insurgents. Duckworth received a Purple Heart and was promoted to Major at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where she was presented with an Air Medal and Army Commendation Medal. Upon her return home, she ran for Congress in 2006, and now serves as the head of the veterans department in Illinois. Tammy has even remained in the National Guard, showing that nothing will keep her from serving her country!

Those are the kind of people we need in government, especially right now.

Now is the time for President-Elect Obama to show the nation that he recognizes it is important to bring our greatest veterans into his administration. One way he can do that is to name Max Cleland and Tammy Duckworth to a role in his administration.

Signed by:

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Tammy Duckworth joined Barack Obama today in honoring our veterans.


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  1. Kysen

    They are both on his ‘short list’ (per US News & World Report) for Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs.

    I agree with Drew, they would be hard workers and great role models for all Americans.

    Speaking of Max Cleland:

    “I’d never seen anything like that ad. Putting pictures of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden next to the picture of a man who left three limbs on the battlefield — it’s worse than disgraceful. It’s reprehensible.”

    -McCain about the campaign ad used by Saxby Chambliss against Sen. Max Cleland in the 2002

    McCain is now scheduled to campaign for Chambliss in his Georgia run off against Democrat Jim Martin.

    The McCain of 2000 really bears no resemblance to the McCain of 2008.

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