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The Human Infrastructure

It’s time to rebuild our infrastructure, which will provide training in the trades for a new generation and bring the green revolution into the trades too.  

But, universal health care, preferably single payer, would do more to help businesses compete in the world market than any tax break some pug administration might have given them.


Missed work hours and reduced production because people go to work sick and then get sicker when they don’t have access to doctors and medicine.

Mobility, workers need the option of relocating where the new jobs are.

Businesses ability to forecast future expenses can then ‘set aside’ the growing cost of health care.  And it won’t grow as steeply once everyone is covered and there are checks on the medical ‘industry,’ so there won’t be the same opportunities to ‘make a killing’ on illness.

I’ve probably missed a lot of points too?

It’s emotionally healing for those who have health care to trust that everyone has it, it’s not a privilege, it’s a right.  


  1. Hollede

    This is paramount to getting our country back on track! My number 1 issue is election reform. We stopped a permanent republican majority but the danger will continue to exist as long as repugs can continue to steal elections at will.

  2. fogiv

    Per the Green Revolution:  I’m very optimistic about Obama’s plans to create “green-color” jobs.  I work in the industry; the solar and wind power industries are expanding, and poised to explode given the right leadership.  

  3. sricki

    You know, I’ve been reading you on MyDD recently, and I think I might have misjudged you awhile back. Welcome to the Moose.

    ALL about single-payer here, but of course it’s a political liability. I’m hoping Obama turns to Hillary and Elizabeth Edwards to help him with healthcare. I still think his plan needs some… tweaking. This is still my top issue, and it will likely remain my top issue until it’s resolved, no matter how far the economy goes down the tubes.  

  4. psychodrew

    Single-payer would finally decouple health care from employment.  It would be great for everyone except insurance companies.

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