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I Just Cried


And I’m not the crying sort.  God bless these United States.  Every day we must struggle to form a more perfect union.  We will suffer reversals, we will fall short at times, but we must amble on, ever forward.

Even for those who despise the politics of Barack Obama (and that’s their right!) should rejoice in this, if nothing else.  We have finally broken the mold.  The gates have been thrown open.  African Americans are now free to fuck up as badly and on as grand a scale as WASP’s and Catholics.

Such a poignant cartoon.  Such a poignant moment.  I think I’m headed to Washington for my birthday in January.  I can pretend the big party there’s being thrown for me.

I was proud of my country before last night, but I’m a damned sight prouder still.


  1. NavyBlueWife

    African Americans are now free to fuck up as badly and on as grand a scale as WASP’s and Catholics.

    I would just balance this to say that they can achieve as greatly as well–true, pure ambivalence

  2. sricki

    but I was a sobbing wreck last night. Was laughing at the same time too, though, so it was altogether very confusing. In this moment, I am especially proud to be an American.

  3. if I cried last night because I was too busy freaking the fuck out.  Long day observing polls in Indiana for the Voter Protection Team, breakneck drive home to Chicago blasting Prince the whole way, raging party in the Congress Plaza Hotel overlooking Grant Park with 25 people crammed in a very small room and cranking a 50-state-specific playlist, and then uncontrollable joy and dancing in front of the Jumbotron in the park as the crowd counted down to the closing of the polls and the projection of the winner.  And then the speech.  Much hugging of strangers.  Much rye whiskey swigged from the bottle.  Much partying late into the night.

    Brutal hangover dispelled by the newspaper headlines.

    Yeah–we did!

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