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Why is senior McCain aide “giddy”?

The Wall Street Journal blog describes senior McCain aide, Mark Salter, as “giddy.”  It quote him as saying:

We feel like we’ve been saying all week. We’re well within the margin or on top in all these battlegrounds.  We got a real good shot at catching the guy.”

A really good chance at catching the guy.  Now, how would that me?  Here are some of the national polls coming out today:


Obama 53

McCain 44

Democracy Corps

Obama 51

McCain 44

Nader 2

Barr 1


Obama 50

McCain 43


Obama 50

McCain 42

No candidate for president since Andrew Jackson in 1824 has captured more than a point lead and not won the Electoral College, but Salter believes the data supports a McCain win, a McCain win that they have been guaranteeing all week.  

Now Mark Salter might be giddy because he doesn’t get enough sleep.  Or he might be giddy because he is drunk or high.  Or he might be giddy because he is absolutely certain they are going to win.  I would like to know what you all think would make Mark Salter giddy on the eve of an apparent landslide loss?


  1. spacemanspiff

    Or he might be giddy because he is drunk or high.

    I’d love to be drunk and high and giddy about their epic loss tomorrow.

  2. rfahey22

    I think it’s probably just a normal human reaction – you live in an environment for 10 months (or two years, in some cases) in which you wake up every morning believing that you will win, and nothing will shake that belief from you until the day after the election.  It’s the power of “positive” thinking, I guess.

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