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Election Night Open Thread

Good afternoon/evening, my fellow Mooses!

Sricki here, and I’ve volunteered to be one of your “hosts” for the evening. For some reason, no one deigned to stop me, which means that you’re stuck with me for quite awhile, as I will be blogging throughout the night due to my already unusual sleep schedule. I trust some of you will be staying up with me, yes?

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Now then, I hope to see a great deal of drunken frivolity here on the Moose tonight. I will be having seabreezes and champagne. Several of you have experienced a besotted sricki, but you’re only familiar with my drunken ramblings on wine. Tonight should be far more interesting. I will try to keep a tight check on my typos, but I make no promises. If I disappear for an unusually long period of time (more than an hour), it’s safe to assume I’ve passed out in a drunken stupor on my sofa. In the event that this should happen, maybe someone would take over for me? In case I slip prematurely into unconsciousness, let me go ahead and say, enjoy your evening ladies and gentleman, and I hope I wake to news that Barack Obama will be our next president.

Now, a few things I wanted to say before we get this party started…

I lurked DKos for ages but finally began posting on MyDD in late January/early February of this year. It’s been a fabulous run, guys, and no matter what happens, everything was worth it to get to know folks like you. We’ve been through a lot together. I’ve butted heads with some of you, but I’ve come to consider most of you good friends. And tonight, no matter who’s out there reading, no matter who or what you are — Democrat, Republican, or Independent — I count you as my friend. Because we are a group made up of Americans and/or of people who care about this great nation. We may care about it in different ways, we may stand for different things, we may have supported different candidates or even different parties, but this country and this election matter enough to all of us that we’re sitting here together, reading a political blog and anxiously waiting for the election results to roll in.

And as for our foreign friends — I’m thinking in particular of canadian gal and Brit, though I’m sure there are others reading — tonight you are, in my view, as American as apple pie. Because you have fought alongside us, fought for this country, fought for what’s right. You have shown more passion for our politics than millions upon millions of my fellow countrymen and women. Through your words and your advocacy and your interest you remind me of what’s best about America — and the Democratic party is lucky indeed that you care enough about this country to spend your valuable time here.

So no matter from whence you hail, no matter your party, no matter your candidate, remember that we are all Americans tonight. Remember that this country is not just a collection of red states and blue states. We’re going to watch history unfold this evening as Barack Obama brings a divided nation together, and in 2009 we’re going to watch him — and help him — begin to reform this nation and restore our reputation and our standing in the international community.

Thank you, my fellow Mooses and MyDDers and Kossacks, for all of your hard work, all the things you’ve done to help heal this nation. Tonight our efforts will be vindicated. Tonight we take our country back.

Let the celebrations commence.