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First trackers of the day

Rasmussen reports this morning:

Obama 51

McCain 47

McCain’s number in the Rasmussen poll has gone from 47-46-47 on three successive days. The phenomenon well might be an artifact of rounding with a fraction of a point explaining the fluctuation across the three days.  Rasmussen observes:

McCain has been solidifying support, (but) Obama has not lost ground.  This is the 36th straight day that Obama’s support has been between 50% and 52%.

Research 2000/Daily Kos reports this morning:

Obama 51

McCain 45

The numbers yesterday were 50-45.  Dkos Poll Guru DemFromCT comments:

On successive individual days in the R2K poll (different than the topline, which is a combined three day sample), Obama was up +5 Tues, +5 Wed and +8 Thurs, with a +6 Mon sample rolling off (rounding can take place.) These are starting to look like stable numbers. The Obama video (33.6 million viewers) will start to be reflected today, but not completely until Sunday. The last R2K poll of the election will be published Monday.

R2K provides us its internals: It’s interesting to note that the one day numbers yesterday, which have a margin of error of 5.1%, were 52-44, a phenomenon that may reflect the high viewership of the Obama television program.

Zogby saw the “race stuck in neutral”:

Obama 50

McCain 43

Yesterday, his numbers were exactly the same for both candidates.  Zogby opines:

The race for President appeared to slip into neutral Thursday, as support for Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain moved only slightly in the last 24 hours.

Hotline Diageo is out this morning with a poll that shows Obama’s number steady with yesterday and McCain’s number dropping by one point:

Obama 48

McCain 41

The numbers yesterday were 48-42.

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