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The Cat @#!% Vote

For all of my optimism yesterday about the polls, the new RNC ads in West Virginia and Montana, and McCain’s decision to start robo-calling in Arizona…devastating news today. Barack Obama is losing the cat shit vote.

An animal shelter in Columbus, Ohio set up two “ballot boxes”–one for McCain/Palin and one for Obama/Biden–in which the cats “deposit their votes.” Employees of the shelter have been tracking the results for the last month and today it was announced that Sen. John McCain has a slim lead.


Note that the cats in this poll are allowed to vote multiple times, a clear-cut case of voter fraud. Given that the Republicans have gone batshit crazy this year trying to find cases of voter fraud, it will be interesting to see if Sarah Palin decides to give them the same treatment she gave the wolves in Alaska.


Seeing as this benefits Senator McCain, I’m guessing that his campaign will turn a blind eye to this voter fraud. That’s okay. If Senator McCain is going to win something in Ohio on Tuesday, I’d rather it be this. And if Karl Rove’s electoral projection holds true, it will be.



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