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IA-04, Within Striking Distance

This evening, Research 2000/Daily Kos released a poll that put Democrat Becky Greenwald within 5 points of Republican incumbent Rep. Tom Latham.


This shouldn’t be a shocker in a district where registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by 8694 voters (a nearly 15,000 voter swing from 2006, when Republicans outnumber Democrats).  This shouldn’t be a shocker in a district with a PVI of D+0.4.  But this is not a typical race.

Rep. Latham has used the power of incumbency to build connections to financially support his campaign.  He lined up behind powerful Wall Street interests and supported efforts to deregulate the banking industry.  He publicly and enthusiastically supported the Bush agenda–and then tried to change his tune.  As Bush’s popularity began to fall, he began to publicly–but not financially–distanced himself from the president.  

This summer, the same week that Congressman Latham told the Iowa Independent that President Bush would not campaign with him, Karl Rove attended a private fundraiser on Tom Latham’s behalf.  Why would Karl Rove go out of his way to support Rep. Latham?  Because Rep. Latham went out of his way to support President Bush and Karl Rove.  Not only did he blindly join the march to war in 2003, but he has continued to support the Bush administration’s war policy at every turn, even casting a vote against the new GI Bill.

This is what the voters of the fourth district had to say about that vote…

Rep. Latham rode the 1994 Republican wave into power and used his blind loyalty to the far right ideology–even supporting the privatization of Social Security–to build a fundraising machine that no challenger could match.  He has sat smugly in his seat for the last 14 years convinced that no Democrat could defeat him.

But Becky Greenwald is not the typical candidate.  And 2008 is not the typical election year.  While the DCCC and Emily’s List ignored her campaign, Becky traveled the district, knocking on doors and talking to voters, and raised money.  And her hard work has paid off.  Becky out-raised Tom Latham in the 3rd quarter, but unfortunately, the incumbent began with larger reserves and maintains a significant cash advantage over the Greenwald campaign.

Victory is within reach.  Because of her relentless efforts, buoyed by a strong performance on two radio debates (Rep. Latham is too chicken to face Becky on television) Becky has made this a competitive race.  Time recently declared that this one of the races to watch in 2008.  The DCCC and Emily’s List have recently endorsed Becky, but the funds needed to put Tom Latham away just haven’t reached her campaign yet.

The netroots has a history of making history.  Becky Greenwald is on the verge of making history, becoming the first female elected to Congress from the state of Iowa.  Learn more about this historic candidate and learn more about the “loyal Bushie” that she is trying to defeat.  And please, help make history in Iowa.



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