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Overnight Open Thread and News Roundup

What’s on your mind tonight, guys and dolls?

Here’s some of the news roundup, sponsored in part by

Obama follows up 100,000 in St. Louis with a quiet rally at night – 75,000 in Kansas City. Actually, though, it turns out The Decemberists were happening to have a concert in both places just coincidentally at the same time.

OPEC to slash oil production because prices are too low to keep up with the rampant inflation in the hooker and blow market.

File this one under fail- McCain: “Obama wants to give you tax credits. That is evil socialism welfare. I, on the other hand, want to give you a tax credit.”

Those “funny” emails about Republicans voting on November 4th and Democrats voting on November 5th are making the rounds again.

And a note- we’re adding Elwyn Tinklenberg to our Motley Moose ActBlue page, in honor of Congresswoman Bachmann. Review our list and throw the candidates on there a few dollars, if you can spare ’em.


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