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It Begins – We Throw Obama To the Dogs Already

Our colleague Jerome Armstrong at MyDD had this brilliant bit of insight:

Any recent Dem would have won under these conditions, certainly Kerry or Gore, probably even Dukakis. Bill Clinton would probably have a 45 state blowout win.

Hell, Edwards, if he had gotten the nomination, even after having been exposed for his affair, might still be ahead.…

Okay, we didn’t form this website to trash MyDD and I’m not going to do that.  However, I have read this sort of thing elsewhere.  While he was more charitable to Senator Obama, Howard Wolfson has made a similar point.  I dunno.  It’s kind of amazing to me.

The Republicans are going to spend the next four to eight years screaming to the heavens that the economic mess screwed them, and did so fairly.  They’re going to try like hell to convince themselves and everyone else that they did nothing wrong in 2008, that if anything John McCain wasn’t negative enough.

Substantive criticisms are fine and essential.  However, to pretend that Barack Obama is “generic Democratic nominee”  is incredibly insulting and absolutely classless.  If the Republicans want to cheapen our victory after the fact they are welcome to do so.  I expect no better from most of them.

I will not countenance any Democrat who provides them ammunition to do so.  Jerome Armstrong is not required to like, admire, or praise Barack Obama.  And I am not required to like, admire, or praise Jerome Armstrong.  He seems like a nice enough guy (truly), but he’s a very vindictive and frankly bitter cuss on the question of Barack Obama’s abilities and merits.

We are going to have to fight like hell to keep the Republicans from taking this one away from us.  They want to be able to say that we only win when outside circumstances demand it – Carter after Watergate, Clinton because of Perot, and now Obama after the markets collapsed.

No.  I’m drawing a line in the sand here.  This far and no fucking further.


  1. Hollede

    I wonder if some Democratic legislators are getting worried about having a supermajority. We have to step up our involvement after the election to make certain that our elected officials do what they are supposed to do. We have two years to save the Constitution, free our elections, and begin to get real help to average Americans by creating jobs that move us toward the future we must live in.

    This will not happen if the repigs and weak assed democrats are able to distract Americans and try to destroy President Obama. Remember what they did to Clinton? Never again.

    When we get the power, we must use it to save our country and perhaps even save the world. Not Obama. Us. We must do it, or nothing will chsnge.

  2. NavyBlueWife

    the Obama dems, imho, have done a great job at uniting a lot of people…this is not the time to start infighting over old wounds that have not fully healed because someone kept picking at them…it is not about hubris for Obama, and he has said all along that this campaign is about US, the American people…let’s keep it that way…

  3. DCDemocrat

    If Barack Obama becomes president, Obama’s presidency will come to define what it means to be a Democrat.  People who want to be Democrats will have to go along, and a way of behaving ultimately will become a way of thinking.  If Obama is a success, everyone of us will want to take credit for having “invented” him.

  4. spacemanspiff

    and I love the way you put it (you’ve got a way with words Reap!) so directly.


    This list has talking points for both Republicans and people who dislike Obama.


    1. Obama was elected by centrists. His victory is not a validation of liberal policies.

    2. We really wanted McCain to lose. He is not a real conservative.

    3. Reagan got more electoral votes in 1984. This is not a mandate for Obama.

    4. Wait until the 2010 midterm elections!!

    5. We let Obama win so we could blame the economy on him.

    Can we add…

    Even Dukakis would of won this year.

    … to the list?

  5. but I’d actually turn your argument around to some extent.  Once the man is in office, I think it is a good time to heartily debate policy ideas, while he is still competing for the office it is a terrible time.  This is different from Mr. Armstrong’s low-moan of defeatism in either case, which is not supportive debate of policy whenever it is found, and we can be certain that it will continue to be heard across hill and dale for years to come.

    After the GE I would recommend spirited debate in support of developing solutions whomever wins, though from the way Sen. McCain has worked to polarize the nation it is doubtful that he would welcome my suggestions anyway.

  6. You were always the one who wasn’t afraid to take on the bad faithers on MYDD, and the proprietor was the worst.

    What amazes me is the complete misunderstanding of strategy. Politics is about coalitions and organisation and support. Obama was supreme at this. Jerome, for whatever short term tactics, lost out on strategy, and will be forever remembered as the man who pissed on his own legacy

    • NavyBlueWife

      remembered as the man who pissed on his own legacy

      proof that hubris can bring down both republicans and democrats…

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  7. nrafter530

    since the debate, the one thing I have noticed from talking to voters is that “Socialism” is damaging Obama. Despite the common belief that people trend to Democrats in times of economic crisis, I still hear from a lot of people who thinks cutting taxes and spending is the way to go and only Republicans can do that.

    A few people invoked Ronald Reagan and said “I’ll vote for Obama, but he needs to show me he’s more like Ronald Reagan was in 1980”

    The interesting thing is people complained Obama wasn’t left enough economically, leading me to believe “socalism” would’ve been used against, and would’ve been more damaging to, other Democratic candidates.

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