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Cindy McCain’s New Scandal

(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama)

The Washington Post is revealing a potential scandal that affects the McCains.  Seems that Cindy thought her ranch in the desert needed cell phone coverage, and fortunately, her husband happens to be “a senior member of the Senate Commerce Committee, which oversees the Federal Communications Commission and the telecommunications industry.”  So what a cellular service provider to do?  

Well, Verizon and AT&T didn’t really think there was anything they could do but accommodate Mrs. McCain:

Verizon delivered a portable tower know as a “cell site on wheels” — free of charge — to Cindy McCain’s property in June in response to an online request from Cindy McCain’s staff early last year. Such devices are usually reserved for restoring service when cell coverage is knocked out during emergencies, such as hurricanes. In July, AT&T followed suit, wheeling in a portable tower for free to match Verizon’s offer.

Well, well.  I have all my phone service from Verizon; I think it’s interesting how they’re spending the profits they make off of me.


  1. NavyBlueWife

    she also said something about how she couldn’t get around arizona without flying in her private jet, so it doesn’t surprise me…she has that sense of entitlement that Mac does.

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