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Please Share: Blue Star Families for Obama Video

The Moose has been an awesome community for sharing my thoughts as a military spouse on this election and what it means to military families like mine.  I hope that you all will watch and share this video to help spread the message that Obama has a strong network of military families supporting him to be President and Commander in Chief.

Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin assume that they have the military family vote all wrapped up.  

Here’s the new BSF4O video for sharing with your friends showing military wives who are speaking out in support of Sen. Barack Obama as our next President and Commander-in-Chief.

Press Release

Angie Morgan  ~ Communications Director, Blue Star Families for Obama


Blue Star Families Launch Video: Why We are Pro-Military, Pro-Obama

Blue Star Families for Obama launched a video today that articulates why Senator Barack Obama can count on military families for their votes on November 4th.

The video features eight military spouses who share their reasons for voting for Sen. Obama over Sen. McCain.  

One Blue Star family member shares: McCain claims to work for us. His actions don’t always agree. He campaigned against the new GI Bill, Voted against troop safety equipment, against vets health care, has a 20 percent rating from the Disabled American Vets.  

Another Blue Star adds: Barack Obama shows he understands today’s military. Obama will help reservists and military families, and he’s frontlined mental health care, co-sponsored the GI Bill.

As Cindy McCain and Governor Sarah Palin leverage their Blue Star status to parlay votes for Senator John McCain, BSF4O has been actively educating and informing the military community on why Sen. Obama is the right presidential candidate and would make the best Commander in Chief for our country.

BSF4O is a grassroots organization created by Army and Marine spouses who have a Pro-Military, Pro-Obama message.  As a membership organization, BSF4O communicates with thousands of military family members through outreach programs and is active in 24 states.

Never before has the military family community shown their overwhelming support for the Democratic candidate.  BSF4O are inspired and impressed by Sen. Obama’s voting record and support of Veterans and the military family community.  They also believe that Sen. Obama projects the most attractive American values across our country and our globe.

For more information on BSF4O, visit

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