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Friday Morning Open Thread: Fasten Your Seatbelts

It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Two clouds on the horizon… Or may be that’s one cloud and a silver lining.

Over here in Europe, having rallied a bit in the last couple of days, the London Stock Exchange, DAX and other Bourses have tumbled ten per cent in response to last nights Wall Street fall. According to those who know, today is a day of reckoning. Why? 400bn of credit default swaps are due. (These are the insurance policies against default which could easily bleed the market further). 400bn. Doesn’t leave much change out of 700bn does it, when you have to also save the banking system?

The Enron gang were apparently the smartest guys in the room: but what about the other smartest guys in the world?

Here’s the glimmer of hope…

 The ethics investigation into Troopergate will be published in full, and add more traction to McCain’s Palin Dragchute.

Left: Michael Penn for The New York Times; center and right: Al Grillo/AP. Walt Monegan, center, the former public safety commissioner, and his special assistant, Kim Peterson, both said they received phone calls from Todd Palin, right, about Mr. Wooten’s behavior.

When asked by a young journalist what was most likely to blow a government off course, the British Prime Minister Harold McMillan replied:

“Events, dear boy, events.”

I’ve a feeling this could be a fateful eventful day for the McCain Palin campaign.


  1. alyssa chaos

    was inaudible in parts, that damn Houston PBS doesnt know how to broadcast shit.

    ++I heard about 30 min of the whole debate [thanks for nothing H-PBS]; Rick Noriega pounced on Cornyn. Noriega attacked Cornyn about the bailout [noriega was against it], about his ties with insurance lobbyists, and his ties to Bush. I didn’t really expect Noriega to go on the offensive but he did and I think it worked in his favor. [they’ll be having 1 more debate next week so hopefully PBS gets their shit together] Noriega has an uphill battle but to be within striking distance [7pts] is remarkable.

    ++The students at UT won: the Obama-Noriega signs are still up!! UT is backing off the rule [suspending it until further notice] and are going to re-evaluate it at public hearings where students get to voice their opinions.

    2 wins for the good guys yesterday.

  2. NavyBlueWife

    for the McCain campaign losing all hope in this election was when he decided to “suspend” it to deal with the economy.  He’s been on an unstoppable downward spiral since then…

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