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  1. NavyBlueWife

    I know it is a small issue, but it is another hijack by the Repukelicans to speak for military families…many of us at BSF4O were PISSED to put it nicely…  😉


  2. alyssa chaos

    interesting story coming out of UT Austin: UT is taking action against students who refused to remove their Obama-Noriega signs from their dorm windows. Students were warned to take their signs down, the students refused citing the first amendment, and now the students are being threatened with expulsion. University Democrats and College Republicans have decided to take a stand together and file a joint complaint against UT. Sounds pretty badass. More?

    all these fucking happenings going down in Austin.

    Texas senate debate going down tomorrow, let you peeps know if Cornyn gets his ass handed to him.

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