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The Race Card . . . delivered

I live about a half hour from the Northern Virginia suburbs, and things seem to be going well for Obama in this region. I have actually spent most of my grassroots time up in Pennsylvania’s York, Chester, and Delaware Counties. It has just been my hunch that the DEMS could use some more help there, as opposed to NoVA.

I think I have changed my mind, and am now motivated to take a couple days off to help get out the vote in the Arlington, VA area after reading this letter delivered to homes sporting Obama signs/stickers:

The letter posted above is beginning to make the rounds all over the blogosphere, and almost left me speechless. The author thinks they are being witty, maybe even sophisticated, in their veiled attacks.

Well . . . I think that letter is only going to motivate more support for Obama in the area. It sure motivated me to help drive voters to the polls next month! I just hope someone can track down the roots of this weak attempt at voter intimidation.


UPDATE – I was informed that similar flyers were found in California =…


  1. Gee, it made me sit and think about how I’m a slave to being what’s cool, and that was the only reason I’d vote Obama.  

    Good god.  I mean, whoever wrote this seems to not get that, by and large, progressives are NOT concerned with having to worship at the altar of self-image.  I mean, and it’s insulting to progressives by its very language.  “We’re the only Volvo at Whole Foods…”  

    Yes, we would never see that.  It’s Prius, dumb ass.  Volvo is so 2000.  😉

    More proof that they have no clue about the Democrats.  

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