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“That One”

This is the remark that will have everybody talking today:

McCain made the remark tonight when discussing a 2005 Senate vote on an energy bill. “There was an energy bill on the floor of the Senate loaded down with goodies, billions for the oil companies, and it was sponsored by Bush and Cheney. You know who voted for it? You might never know. That one,” he said, pointing to Obama. “You know who voted against it? Me.”

Both campaigns are beginning to spin the line with the Obama campaign calling McCain “angry and agitated” and the McCain campaign calling the Obama campaign “fussiest campaign in American history.”

Over the next few days, the debate will intensify over whether or not the comment was racist (I’m sure that Bob Herbert has already penned the op-ed and that Keith Olbermann has yet another rant “special comment” drafted) or merely condescending, whether it was intentional or a slip of the tongue, whether it was effective or not.

And that’s exactly what the McCain campaign wants all of us to do.  

The last thing that John McCain wants us to do right now is talk about the economy, Wall Street, or health care.  Those are all losing issues for him.  The only chance that he has to win this thing is to change the topic.  That is why his campaign announced their new smear campaign in advance.  Obama preempted by changing the topic and attacking McCain.  And the negative campaigning became a prominent headline in the news.

So don’t get all worked up about a canned line meant to distract the press, enrage the left, and fire-up the right.  With his campaign sinking in the polls, and no winning issues on the horizon, McCain is throwing everything he can at Obama with fingers crossed, hoping that something sticks.  Go about your day knowing that what you witnessed last night was the spectacle of a desperate politician watching his ambitions slip away.  Go about your day knowing that this race is still Obama’s to lose:


And if you need to hate on someone, hate on me.  Joe Biden is coming to Tampa and my friend–who is a paid staffer here in Florida–scored me a “special ticket.”


  1. But like many of other McCain ad libs, it betrays the contempt he holds other people. Americans will unconsciously pick up on that ugliness and arrogance, and consciously reject it.  

  2. rfahey22

    He’s either angry and childish, or racist – his campaign gets to decide, and neither option is good.  I’m pretty sure that it was the former, and that he was just trying to get a sarcastic barb in.  At this point the actual substance of the debate matters less than the spin about who won or lost, and if McCain has to continually explain what he meant, then he will be perceived as losing the debate.  It’s similar to how Gore and Kerry both spent days after their debates defending supposed gaffes.  Ultimately, it neutralized their wins.  Here, McCain lost on the merits anyway, so there’s nothing to neutralize.  It’s all bad for him.

  3. spacemanspiff

    I do think he is spineless and no longer in control of his campaign.

    I also believe it was premeditated and planned. Everybody is talking about “That One” and the question he was answering. Obama voted for the Energy Bill (with Bush) and Gramps did not.  

  4. NavyBlueWife polled its users to see how McCain’s “That One” comment went over. The results: 66 percent thought “it was childish and disrespectful,” 20 percent was “outraged by it,” 8 percent “totally missed it,” and 6 percent said “good sound bite, nothing more.”



  5. GrassrootsOrganizer

    The Ol Maverick just got hot under the collar, opened his mouth and shit came out.  I still can’t believe folks aren’t pounding him on the “Obama wanted safety measures and safe disposal of nuclear waste or some shit”

    I’m not going to assume it’s racism because I can’t see McCain referring to Colin Powell as “that one”.  I do think it’s about age because it sounds exactly like something some old fart on a street corner would say because all the young people are starting to blur together for him and the only real Americans worth respecting are over 65.  

    I also think it’s about entitlement and hubris.  McCain thinks he’s EARNED a crack at running the country and Obama is just some kid who doesn’t belong there.  

  6. Terminus

    with this one, that one and t’other one. By gum! These damn (insert racial epiteth of choice) are getting way to uppity!

    I think it’s time for Sen. McCain to have a nice long rest in a place with soothing music and activities.

    Obama 08 “The end of an error!”

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