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  1. we might swing SC, MS, AR, and ND too. In a way-out, dreamland we might even swing TX and its 34 votes. That would leave McCain with 82.

    Ok, dreamtime is over. Back to reality. Let’s see what 2 weeks of nothing but Ayers, Ayers, Ayers, Keating, Keating, Keating, Wright, Wright, Wright, Hagee, Hagee, Hagee, Resko, Resko, Resko, Liddy, Liddy, Liddy will do to the polls. Plug your noses, cover the little ones eyes, and hang in there. It’s going to get really ugly for awhile.

  2. ydef

    Georgia, West Virginia, Missouri, and Montana really have no business even being considered the color of blue.  Do you see Obama visiting those states?  Nope.  Is he spending money in those states on ad buys, which are by nature high priced, and a good indication that he thinks he either has a a chance or he might force his opponent on the defensive by spending money in places he would have never considered spending money?  Nope.  The only of those four he has had ad buys in the past during the GE is Missouri, which he switched out of to focus those resources instead in Michigan and Ohio.

    Gov Schweitzer might have a very outside chance of using his well oiled, grass roots political machine to turn Montana blue … but there is no legit poll in existence that would back up that possibility with real numbers.

    The biggest stretch is West Virginia (pure Appalachian and very racist, even though polls have surprisingly shown movement to within 6% recently) and Georgia which is partially Appalachian but outside Atlanta the rest of the state resembles a mix of West Virginia and Kansas.  Not good.

  3. GrassrootsOrganizer

    I created nearly exactly the same map yesterday afternoon.  (Kudos to my political nerd superior — I’m humiliated to say I did not split Nebraska. sigh)

    I think I was seeking something to do with my rage and angst — take THAT fuckers, I thought to myself probably, as I clicked on Georgia and Montana.  I HATE THESE MOTHER FUCKERS.

    But that’s probably a diary all in itself.

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