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The Desperation of McCain Supporters a.k.a. I’m Coming Home!

As I’ve been mentioning, tomorrow I’m returning home from Rome to New York, then to Virginia to join my brother in locking that state up for Obama in the final weeks of this campaign.

I had decided to do it a month ago when Obama fell behind in the polls and I panicked. Now that we’re in landslide territory, I feel a similar, if not bigger, sense of urgency to put this thing away.

Part of that feeling is because of the desperatation of McCain supporters who have become really mean, vindictive and scary in the past week or so

I talked to my dad this evening about picking me up from Newark Airport tomorrow. The cheapest direct flight from Rome I can find was to Newark, which means someone has to drive from Queens to get me…but I digress.

He warned me that his best friend and my godfather was over the house today and was on an angry rampage about Obama and the Democrats…commenting on how Americans are stupid to elect someone who hasn’t been around that long, something about the fact that financial crisis started in the 1950’s and because McCain has been around since then, he is better equpped to handle the situation. When my mom challenged him that McCain is partially to blame for the problem, he shot back something about being UnAmerican for people to vote against a war hero and stormed out of the house saying they were worthy to fly the American flag.

My ex co-worker, who’s e-mails I’m now deleting, invited me to a debate watch party on Tuesday because I’ll be home (but I’ll be in Virginia, so I won’t be there), and then followed up the message that read “Come see the true American John McCain kick Osama Hussein’s butt.”

Checking the away message of one of my more fascist friends from college;

“I will see to it that 36 million people (meaning both Obama and Clinton voters) will soon pay with their lives.”

Is that a threat? Hmmm.

My mother told me there was a knock at our door today. A New York City Councilman looking for me…asking for my vote for Joe Addabbo in his New York State Senate race against Republican Serphin Maltese. She told them I was coming home this weekend and would certainly support Addabbo, as everyone else in the house would.

“I’m impressed, no one has ever knocked on our door before” My mother exclaimed (I’ve mentioned before, she was a PUMA for most of the summer), “Democrats really have their act together this year”

As they do.

Monday I will knock on my first doors in Northern Virginia. My brother says Obama may send some of his Virginia staff across to West Virginia or down to North Carolina for day trips, which would be fun.

I can’t wait. We’re in landslide territory and now it’s time to put an end to it. Let’s make these deseperate McCain supporters pay for their mean words, let them be miserable on November 5th.

This is our time. America, I decided to come home to try and limit a defeat, now I’m coming home to be a part of this change


  1. fogiv

    You’re dedication is inspiring.  Let’s put the exclamation point on this thing!  Let us know how it goes canvassing in VA.

  2. GrassrootsOrganizer

    On the personal forum I post to something totally weird started a couple days ago.  No one ever posts anything political.  And yet a couple of otherwise normal human woman started posting about Obama out of the blue —  how for vague inexpicable reasons they could just “never” trust him. Never? Why seems like a fair enough question…and they went fuckwild when asked.

    Why won’t he “be honest” about his religious background?  Why has he voted “present on every issue?” Why won’t he tell us what he stands for? Why doesn’t anyone care about his associations with known terrorists and America haters?

    Once the rest of us destroyed all their bullshit “concerns” the meandering got weirder — one woman couldn’t really put her finger on it, but she just knew that folks tend to “take care of their own” and she can’t help but feel that Obama won’t “be on her side”.  Side of what?  Don’t ask.

    In the middle of it all I replaced my avatar with the Obama logo.  She went nuts, said I had “slapped her in the face” (go figure) and posted an animated Obama logo that morphs into a doorway of a mosque.  

    As the Obama campaign gains momentum the anti-Obama folks are being driven into a panic.  It’s all coming out again (this woman kept posting quotes from NoQuarter) — Wright, Ayres, Resko, madras grade schooling, whitey tapes, Michelle was never proud of America.  Aren’t we all glad as hell we’ve been over and over all this already?  (-:  Imagine if any of it was new!

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