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First Two Tracking Polls of the Day Are Out

Rasmussen is out with his Monday tracking poll.  He finds the race essentially static:

Obama 50

McCain 45

Rasmussen observes:

That’s the fourth straight day Obama has been at 50% and the fourth straight day McCain has been at either 44% or 45%

Research 2000/Daily Kos finds that Obama’s position has improved since yesterday and since the debate:

Obama 51

McCain 42

DemFromCT comments about the new results:

On successive days, Obama was up +7 Fri, +9 Sat and +11 Sun (MoE +/- 5.1 for individual days.) That +11 yesterday (single day polling) was Obama’s strongest single day of polling, and is reflective of the debate Friday.


  1. They went up quite a bit the last couple of days. Today’s numbers will include at least 2 post-debate days. I’m hoping for a steady upward movement for another day or two. Then, hopefully, we’ll see more movement towards Obama/Biden after the VP debate. I want a blow-out in Nov. This country needs to repudiate the last 8 years of mis-governance.

  2. GrassrootsOrganizer


    found out this morning you can play with the trendline using the “tools” feature.  So I took the liberty of  setting the window from August 1 and the parameters within those of any election since 1900.  (no candidate has ever gone over 62%)

    Aesthetically, I like this line alot more than the current default on Pollster.  

    It makes me smile.  (and it doesn’t include post-debate!)

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