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Most are calling this “the moment” of the debate.

Sleazy post debate McCain ad:

That was fast!

From the comments:

Voters who watched the debate are going to be outraged (2.00 / 1)

at that ad. It is clearly misleading. I bet there’s a big backlash if this ad gets wide coverage.

John – aka MS01 Indie

by: John Allen @ Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 23:36:28 PM EDT

I agree and it seems that’s how it’s being seen by the talking heads right now.

Obama wins by not losing.

Early CBS poll results indicate that uncommitted voters saw Obama as the winner of the debate:

CBS News and Knowledge Networks conducted a nationally representative poll of approximately 500 uncommitted voters reacting to the debate in the minutes after it happened.

These figures are still preliminary and could change as more respondents complete the survey. But here’s what we have so far:

Forty percent of uncommitted voters who watched the debate tonight thought Barack Obama was the winner. Twenty-two percent thought John McCain won. Thirty-eight percent saw it as a draw.

CNN (telephone poll) on air says:

CNN/Opinion Research

51-38 Obama wins the debate

52-47 Obama on Iraq

58-37 Obama on the economy

From the comments:

*[new] The CNN reaction stream (2.00 / 2)

CNN brought had 32 people in Ohio using a hand-held reaction dialer and scrolled their reactions on the bottom of the screen in real time with a line for independent, Republicans and Democrats.  All claimed they were still open to changing their vote at the start.

I watched that line during the entire debate and saw a different debate, apparently, than the pundits.  I saw all three lines DIVE far under neutral when McCain referenced Palin, when he called himself a “maverick”, when he mentioned his time in Vietnam, and with every one of his fucking sound bites or when he’d go after Obama.  The reaction was flat when McCain mentioned his bracelet and went up when Obama mentioned his.  

Generally, I only saw Obama dip into negative territory a couple times when he tried to tie McCain to Bush.  But for big stretches of time McCain was living down there.  

the highest the lines went through the entire debate was when Obama was answering the 9/11 question and the “bomb bomb bomb Iran” comment got a strong positive from indis and dems.  Neither candidate got a spike one way or the other except when McCain referenced Palin — she is definitely his biggest liability right now.

2,802 down — 116 to go

by: GrassrootsOrganizer @ Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 23:15:41 PM EDT


  1. rfahey22

    from suspending their campaign.  Amazing.

    Just like their “McCain wins debate” ad and their self-serving quote, I’m sure they had stuff like this in the can for a long time.

  2. fogiv

    At worst, some might call the debate a draw.  A draw is an Obama win.  McCain needs to stop the slide.  He didn’t do that tonight.

    In other news, Baby Jack arrived at 8:28 yesterday morning, weighing in at 9 lbs, 8 oz.  Both he and his gorgeous Mom are doing well.

  3. spacemanspiff

    Seems I’m not the only one who saw the obvious comparison.

    I had it up before they did for those who might be wondering.

    Not that I want credit, just want to make sure it doesn’t seem like I’m jacking the idea from them.

    Not that it’s an original (or creative) thought by any means.

    Pat: Frazier won one of those fights.

    Tweety: But he looked like crap when it was over!

  4. sricki

    it’s… utterly useless. One almost wonders why someone even wasted his time making it. Then one remembers he clearly didn’t waste more than half an hour.

  5. We had over 3,700 page views today. Many of those were tonight. We generated 372 comments in 5 pre and post front page debate threads. By comparison, MYDD generated 285 in 6 front page debate threads. Yeah, team!

  6. hootie4170

    …just got a chance to watch the debate and Obama stood strong and actually KICKED Gramps’ ass on his home field!!!


    I’m pissed I missed all the fun on the Moose tonight, damn jobs and responsibility.

    Good job fellow moose!!!

    What sound do moose make??

  7. Jjc2008

    as the arrogant jerk that he is.  He is the military version of frat boy W.  Anyone who had chance encounters with these types when we were young, recognizes them.  In my freshman year of college, I was a clean slate in so many ways: goals, politics, world view.  No one in my family had ever been to college so my only notion was what I saw in the movies or on the tube.  Most people in my neighborhood were factory workers, and few of our parents finished high school.  

    So when I went, I thought the “frat” parties were the definition of college.  Our state school had no fraternities or sororities.  But a neighboring school, an all male (at the time) private college, called the dorms for parties regularly.

    Few of us went to those parties after freshman year.  But during that year of first experiencing being away from home, I did venture over quite often.  For you younger folks, think of the movie “Animal House” and those were the parties and the party types.  But it was the 60s and soon we all took paths…I took the counter culture, idealism path.  But I remember many of the those guys from the frats….George W clones: arrogant drunks with a sense of entitlement.

    And then there were the McCain types… military.  All about nuking everyone.  Sheesh.

    I have despised McCain since the time he went after then adolescent Chelsea.  What kind of “man” has to trash a teen girl?  Seriously.  It’s bad enough when middle school boys do that crap but a grown man?  

    And, that kind of arrogant, snide, sneering showed last night. His condescension was obvious.

    What a jerk.  And now much of the world sees it.

  8. Terminus

    I am usually one who gives the adversary too much credit. Everytime that McCain said Obama didn’t know what he was talking about or that he was naive I cringed. This is probably due to the intensity with which I follow the campaign and the realization that the average voter can be/has been swayed by labels and talking points. Still I have to admit to a sense of pride in my fellow Americans, with regards to polls saying that Senator Obama won, and a strange lifting of my spirits and unusual feeling of joy. Could it be that this time we can win?


    Obama 08

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