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  1. ragekage

    … and over two-thirds of people didn’t think they should delay or cancel the debates. Seems like this is backfiring on McCain big time.

    Who the hell is advising this guy, anyway? Jesus Christ. Maybe the Republicans figure if they let McCain lose, and Obama can get blamed for all the horrible shit Bush did, they’ll be able to get back in power in 2012 without self-destructing their party.

  2. spacemanspiff

    McCain cancelled on Letterman and got called out when he heard the Captain Depends was in another CBS studio with Katie Couric.

    Dave doesn’t like when people lie to him. So he did the only thing he could do.

    He got Keith Olbermann to fill in for the Maverick!  [chrishmatthews] HA! [/chrismatthews]

    Talk about sweet revenge.

    Tune in to Dave tonight for some serious fucking fireworks!

    • spacemanspiff

      COURIC: But he’s been in Congress for 26 years. He’s been chairman of the powerful Commerce Committee. And he has almost always sided with less regulation, not more.

      PALIN: He’s also known as the maverick, though. Taking shots from his own party, and certainly taking shots from the other party. Trying to get people to understand what he’s been talking about – the need to reform government.

      COURIC: I’m just going to ask you one more time, not to belabor the point. Specific examples in his 26 years of pushing for more regulation?

      PALIN: I’ll try to find you some, and I’ll bring them to you

      • ragekage

        Totally forgotten I’d written this until recently:

        Today is Super (Duper) Tuesday. Today will likely decide who we’ll be voting on come this November. I’m rooting big-time for Barack Obama. I used to consider myself a Republican… and I guess I probably still would if I had to choose. But I am sick and tired of the radical elements of the Republican party hijacking the direction we’re going- I’m sick and tired of the same elements of the Democratic party doing the same thing…

        McCain and Obama are my two candidates; I liked McCain a lot, I’ve got a lot of respect for the man, what he went through in Vietnam, the fact he can work on both sides of the political aisle. I like Obama because he’s inspiring for me. He’s change personified; he hasn’t been mired in the Beltway Machiavellian political maneuvering for decades upon decades, and again, he can build a consensus…

        Ahhh, youthfull naiveity.

  3. Brilliant flow chart, Rage. But I’ve been out of the loop for eight hours, and what the fuck is going on?

    Has anyone a read on what McCain is up to? Coming back to this (someone mentioned it in the pub) my first reaction was:

    It’s Davis and the tank in the polls. Just like Palin, McCain has gone for a ‘media moment’ and has proved again how he is unfit to be leader of the free world.

    But what are people saying?

  4. hootie4170

    …they need to keep Palin on lock down.  This is an embarrassment.  She needs to come down with severe case of pneumonia 2 days before the debate.

    She’s bad…real bad.

  5. hootie4170

    …would be a fair debate??

    Sarah Palin v. Cindy McCain

    Pay-Per-View, I’d buck up!!

    Current odds:  4-1 C. McCain

  6. dtox

    and you mean to tell me all this has happened? One day I’m not constantly looking at the blogs and this is what you do. Tut tut.

    P.S: I was not happy with the number of McCain yard signs I saw in HArrisburg today. Not that it means anything, but still.

  7. alyssa chaos

    Im a newly initiated Barack Obama intern!

    First rule of ‘Obama Fight Club’:

    -there is no fight club


    -Under no circumstances shall I talk to the press/give interviews to the media.


    -Always answer the phones, “Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change, this is Chaos speaking.”

    I got alot of interesting shit to share [campaign shenanigans and whatnot], I just got to find time to write it. Time is scarce right now. and Im tired from driving elderly peeps around all day! Im so excited!

    [does this break rule one?]

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