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  1. Every night I sit down with a glass of wine (or 3) and read over the day’s political events while trying to avoid Anderson Cooper.  Every night I lay down in bed thinking “people.  can’t.  be.  this.  stupid.”  

    I mean, Republicans have to live under a McCain administration, too, should he win (God help us.) I tried to ask my husband if the pursuit of power is worth compromising national security and abandoning every conservative and mnoral principle that they have, but he cut me off at the word “power” with a resounding YES.

    However, I am starting to wonder about if maybe there are people who are “die hards” that really ARE fiscally conservative, all for small government, etc., and will tell pollsters and everyone, “yup, yup, voting for McCain, can’t stand that socialist Obama,” etc., and when they go into the voting booth will either not vote at all, write in the Mittster, or (gulp) vote Obama.  I mean, maybe they just can’t admit it.

    Unlikely, or not…?

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