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The Lounge – Barack Obama : “Seeing the Moose was magic.”

You read right!

Barack Obama has endorsed the Motley Moose as the most awesomest blog in the universe !!11!!1!!!

Magic he says! He wants his children and his children’s children to read it!


Don’t believe me?

Here’s the quote!

. . . and then suddenly coming across just a herd  of elk wandering through, or seeing a moose peering out of the woods, out of the marshes: It was magic.

And so I want to make sure that not  only can my daughters see this, I want to make sure that their daughters and their sons can see that, as well.…


You think I’m taking his words out of context?


Seriously though.

I’ll be on later tonight. It’s a warm up party to follow up on the excellent Open Moose my buddy Stipes cooked up last week. Get people in the mood for some serious blogosphere debauchery. I’ve read snips and pieces of it and I laughed my ass off. It looked like a great time and I’m sorry I missed it ( hey! Student Guy is back! ALLRIGHT!) . I might not be able to make it tomorrow so I’ll be around later ( 7:00 – 7:30ish) and would love to catch up and have a good laugh with my Moose family.

I got my stash and my pipe and I’m ready to let loose.

Gotta run and do some things. I’m taking a well deserved break from the real world tonight.

Hope you can join me later!

Moose kisses cat

Missed you guys!

Thanks for everything!

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  1. sricki

    won’t be around until 8 or 8:30 (perhaps more like 9:30 your time?). But I’ll be here after that.

    It’s lovely to see you back.

  2. sanguine giant

    I am not sure I’ll be around (EE is kicking me around like it was Analytical Chemistry on Steroids).  I’ll be on if I can catch a break from learning theory about conductance…

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