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The rewriting of history

This caught my eye while I was searching for McCain's original statement on the qualifications he would be looking for in a vice-presidential pick.  

This is the text on Google's result page when I searched for "john mccain qualifications for vice president".  Note the part that I've emphasized with bold italic lettering. This text would be from Google’s cache of the page.

Lexington | The case for John McCain | Mr McCain's qualifications extend beyond character. Take experience. … Provided Mr McCain chooses a sound vice-president, his many positive qualities …

Now look at how the article reads since the Palin announcement. It has been edited to remove the reference to a “sound vice-president”.

Take experience. His range of interests as a senator has been remarkable, extending from immigration to business regulation.

Does anyone doubt where the Economist stands in this election? Very shady actions by a supposedly respected MSM operation. I don’t know whether this article appeared in the print version. It is datelined Dec 6th 2007. Please leave a comment with a quote of this paragraph from the print version if you happen across it.

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