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John McCain Has No Honor

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John McCain has no honor.

As a former Naval Officer, and fellow alumni of the Naval Academy, it’s almost hard to believe that I wrote those words above.

Here is the Honor Concept from the USNA website:

“Midshipmen are persons of integrity: They stand for that which is right.

They tell the truth and ensure that the full truth is known. They do not lie.

They embrace fairness in all actions. They ensure that work submitted as their own is their own, and that assistance received from any source is authorized and properly documented. They do not cheat.

They respect the property of others and ensure that others are able to benefit from the use of their own property. They do not steal.”

John McCain would get be expelled from the Naval Academy for his recent behavior.  

But, Hey!

He learned this shit fifty years ago, right?  

Maybe he just forgot.  

In my previous diary, I tried to expound on how McCain, while a graduate of USNA, did not uphold the best traditions of the Naval service.  In fact, he was quite the dirtbag, graduating 894 out of 899.

Not only did he short change himself, (by failing to absorb the important lessons about integrity while he was there), he short changed all of those underclassmen, whom McCain felt didn’t need his attention or leadership.

That’s right.  He didn’t just short change the Navy with his self-absorbed and selfish behavior while there, he shirked his personal responsibilities for training his direct reports.

Now, most folks keep talking about how he has changed, since his time as a POW.  I’d certainly hope so.  The trend was pretty awful before he was shot down.  

But did John really have the epiphany that he claimed?

Well, his most recent lies are so stunningly obvious, that there is no question that the old “Academy McCain” is back.  Then there is the Keating Five, calling Cindy McCain a c*nt, leaving his first wife when she had been virtually crippled, Gorilla Raping Woman jokester…boy, they’re just so much to admire about the man.

No Integrity?  Check

No Honor?  Check

No plan for the country, except to win the Presidency?  Check

Yes folks!  I can safely say that the old “Academy McCain” is back, and this “McCain” has no honor.




  1. Reaper0bot0

    And sold out bad.  The worst thing that could ever have happened to him was to become the Republican nominee.  He’s either becoming a ratfuck (which is my personal guess), or the fact that he’s a ratfuck is coming into focus.

    I didn’t go into this race wanting to hate and loathe the man.  I don’t (quite) hate him yet, but I sure as hell loathe him.

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