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The End of the World is Nigh

Yes you read it here LAST.

This could be my last ever diary. According to the BBC dysfunctional liberal blogs, the activation of the Large Hadron Collider release of some tracking polls will cause strangelets and micro black holes a small bounce for McCain, thereby assuring the known Universe shall collapse in a big credit crunch Obama will lose the election as we Jerome Armstrong always said he would

You have been warned. Goodbye Cruel World.…

Seriously. Those of us who have supported Obama for over a year maybe have a different perspective. We remember being down by double digits. We remember the media saying he couldn’t close to the deal. While everyone seems to be obsessed by every detrimental comment about McCain or Palin being construed as anti patriotic or sexist, we also remember being dissed for equally chauvinist reasons. But the difference is. We don’t hold resentments, because resentments and bad faith don’t win elections. Fortitude, consistency and honesty do.


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