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We Apologize, Governor Palin

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Guys, please Rec this one up!

Governor Palin, we would like to apologize.  Some of us among the Netroots have been, shall we say, overzealous in looking for ways to turn your nomination into a liability for your party.  It seems the world has no shortage of wood-be Woodwards and Bernsteins.  The saner among us have been hitherto unable to restrain those wanted to believe in these scurrilous rumors.

If we have hurt your family we are truly sorry.  We are better people than these stories would have you believe.  We wish you and your family nothing but good health and good times.  Alaska is a great place for a family, no?

Again, the families of the candidates should be off-limits.  What they do, where they pray, and how they relate have nothing to do with us, and should certainly never be used for the purpose of an attack.

Gang, let’s move on.  Seriously, this cheapens us.


  1. I don’t understand the hand wringing here. What goes on in the liberal blogosphere, stays on the liberal blogosphere. Who are we apologising to? Each other’s moral superiority? The republicans had no such problem, that’s why they keep on winning elections. Actually, the Clintons also had no such problem, that’s why they won elections. We’re being gamed by the identity politics of the primary, and once again by the ad hominem politics of the republicans which ever since Willy Horton, we’ve been incapable of answering.

    In my own opinion – Sarah Palin has made her personal life part of her resume. Whatever her daughter does in her own life, is her choice. But as a father of an 18 year old boy and 15 year old girl, I know what I would think if either of them made someone else pregnant, or became pregnant themselves.

    The liberal blogosphere’s reaction to this is irrelevant. Only real families with real teenagers know what this is about. All they need is the information. And Sarah Palin has, in her opening speech, used her credentials as a wife and mother as part of her appeal.  No one in the liberal blogosphere need do anything. They can talk about this, or they can – on your admonishments – shut up. But your moral policing is irrelevant. Anyone with teenage kids will come to their own conclusion about Sarah Palin’s pieties and what they entail in the real world.  

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