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Putting Toothpaste Back in the Tube

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Well, as most of us know now, McCain did not fully vet Sarah Palin before he announced her as his VP pick.  We know this, because eight McCain staffers just arrived in Alaska to perform that function.

Can McCain retroactively vet Palin?  

Well sure! He can pretty much do anything that he damn well pleases, (well, except pick Lieberman for VP).  It’s pretty much like putting toothpaste back into the tube.  It’s extremely difficult, messy, and you can never get all of it back in, (my buddy and I tried this in college, and proved that you could get quite a bit back in, if you were very patient…and very bored).

So, what will everyone find?  

Quite a lot of things, probably most of them mundane.  But even if they don’t find anything scandalous, (excepting Troopergate III), they may find things for which neither McCain, nor Palin, have immediate answers.

It really doesn’t take much.  It can be something simple, like has she voted in every election, or has she supported a candidate in the past who might be embarrassing now.

Either way, we will be seeing a drip, drip, drip of new revelations about her for the next two months…and who knows, we may just get something big.

Remember, these things can blow up quickly.  With the extremely limited vetting that was done, it could be anything.  The Repubes are more ripe for these types of things, since they tend to “pretend” that they live perfect lives…but they are just like anyone else, really.  

Life is messy.  Not everything goes as planned.  Let’s just hope that if anything does come up, that it doesn’t damage the innocent…especially if it turns out that Palin was less than forthcoming.



  1. Some people seem to think there’s a feeding frenzy at the expense of a young and dynamic woman candidate.

    But I think of it differently. Any residual respect I had for McCain (and there was some for taking on Bush in 2000) has now evaporated. To chose someone so inexperienced to be a heartbeat away from the most powerful position on earth (especially given McCain’s age and health) seems to me to completely cynical and reckless. It’s pure spin, and only happened because Obama went with Biden. McCain is trying to game the system in a classic Rovian way, and look what that gave us for the last eight years.

    I now realise the deeper congruities between Bush and McCain. Both are spoilt frat boys, who rebelled against their establishment fathers (even though they only got where they were because of their privilege) and who think that playing reverse identity politics, and in your face games playing, is a substitute for judgement and good governance.

    This appointment has convinced me more than ever how disastrous it would be if McCain were ever elected president

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