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Palin: Dan Quayle for 2008

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Dan Quayle, met Sarah Palin.  Sarah Palin, met 1988.

This pick is a disaster in many ways.  I find that it is my civil duty to list them, so here goes:

1.  McCain experience attack meme?  Dead.  She has 19 months experience as the Governor of Alaska.  Otherwise, she was mayor of a small town, and a Beauty Queen, (love those pics, BTW).  She is now a heartbeat away from running the country.  How comforting.

2. Bush/Cheney big oil?  She’s so deeply immersed in big oil, it makes Cheney look like Al Gore.  No maverick environmentalist here.  Alternative energy?  No!  Let’s fucking drill some more, and some more, and some more.

3. Obama the Celebrity?  Try “Palin the Beauty Queen.”  The meme is now dead.  

“Obama’s a celebrity? Really? have you seen these Beauty Queen shots?”

4. Appeals to women?  Maybe, but not Hillary supporters.  Not if they’re democrats, or even moderate independents.  She’s hard right, and virulently anti-choice.

5. Free of scandal?  Well, Ted Stevens is about to go on trial, and we’ll all about to be reminded of the crazy corruption in Alaska…all pioneered by the Repubes!  Plus, she’s got her own little scandal brewing.

All in all, a brilliant pick from my standpoint.  It would be hard to do any more damage, if he’d gone and picked Dan Quayle himself.

Saddle up folks!  The posse is heading out, and we’re hunting rabbits!


– Stipes


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