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Not Much More than a Whisper

Good afternoon everyone!

John McCain has made a mistake.  I understand that the conventional wisdom was that if he waited to announce his Vice Presidential pick after the Democratic convention he’d be able to steal their thunder and, perhaps, turn some voters his way.  Folks, that bit of reasoning will turn out to have been incorrect.

Barack Obama managed to control several news cycles by building up enthusiasm for his VP selection.  Yes, some folks were offended.  However, everyone was talking about who he might pick.  Wall to wall coverage, and frankly wall to wall discussion in my own life.

Hillary Clinton stole the show last night, and no one deserves it more.  Joe Biden and Bill Clinton will have an incredible night tonight.  Barack Obama will bring down the house on Thursday.  Fine, we got off to a slow start.  However, this convention is rocking and rolling and this groove ain’t nearly done.

So McCain’s going to announce his pick on Friday?  There has been near as no mention of this process in the press.  He has only a few days, should he choose to delay, in order to build up some suspense.  His feints towards picking a pro-choice candidate have gotten him some attention, but frankly its been mostly negative from his base.  I don’t know a single person in the real world who would go from voting Obama, or undecided, to McCain because Joe Lieberman is on the ticket.  Not one.  While I’m sure such people exist, I expect they couldn’t fill up more than a bus or two.

John McCain can only generate good and heavy coverage by making a dangerous pick like Lieberman, Hutchinson, Whitman, or perhaps Ridge.  He won’t do any of those.  He can’t.  The John McCain of 2000 probably would have, but John McCain has shown a complete lack of spine in dealing with his base ever since he smacked down that state party for using Barack’s middle name.  That was the last gasp of the “maverick” John McCain.  He’ll pick Romney, Pawlenty, Portman, or someone similarly suitable to his conservative base.  He lacks the gumption to do anything else.

So I suspect he’ll pick a boring running mate with nearly no build-up, build-up that we’ve made impossible.  We’ve been shouting Joe Biden’s name, and the press has been trumpeting him for the most part.  John McCain just won’t get that level of coverage or interest.  And frankly given the fact that John McCain has been willing to try to steal our thunder during the convention by appearing on Leno, I think it’s only fair that Barack and Joe go out of their way to grab all the press they can during the RNC.

We’ll shout triumphantly whilst they whisper, huddled in corners, hoping they can somehow eke this one out.


  1. spacemanspiff

    The John McCain of 2000 probably would have, but John McCain has shown a complete lack of spine in dealing with his base ever since he smacked down that state party for using Barack’s middle name.  That was the last gasp of the “maverick” John McCain.

    That just about says it all right there. I cringe everytime I see McCain saying shit he obviously doesn’t believe. But, even if I know his heart isn’t in it, he lacks the “testicular fortitude” to be his own man. He’s nothing more than a Karl Rove puppet right now. Rove is the best at what he does (as much as I hate to say it). Winning. At any and all costs.

    Who would of ever though Shrub would be a two term President? Wow.

    If you’re up against the best you’ve got to be on your game ALWAYS.

    Barack has to continue to campaign like he has for the last week or so. Being complacent and sending out 10 page (exagerating a bit) responses and “comunicados” just won’t cut it when you’re up against the GOP slime machine. I’m glad Axelrod has figured this out and is pushing a more aggresive strategy now. Let’s hope they don’t go back to being…nice.

    Barack says it best ( maybe says it a bit to much for my taste)…

    John McCain is an honorable man running a dishonarble campaign.

    I really hope Johnny Mac picks Mittens as his running mate. I saw Romney on MSNBC last night and just imagined him debating Biden and getting wiped the fuck out. He may have “conservative” appeal but his Mormon he also has major baggage which would give many hardcore Republicans pause.

    I fucking hate Liberman. I would write more but the rant that I’d get on would fill up half the page. Really detest this traitor.

  2. Hollede

    might have the unique distiction of losing the VP as a candidate of both parties. Too funny. I will have to look it up (or wait until someone who likes doing research to look it up). OMFG I wish it would happen.  

  3. Stipes


    Biden will shred him up.  

    I’m praying, since well get to use the meme of:

    Megamillionaire McCain + Megamillionaire Romney = Completely out of touch.

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