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Silver Haze

I just found out this blog was up and running 15 minutes ago.

I read that the Moosefather was working on it but I barely understood the discussion that was going on most threads.

I’m a “Millenial” ( Gen X? Gen Y? )but the Boomers are way ahead of me on the technological front. I put my generation to shame.

On another note!

This place looks great. Love the colors, love the design, love that my peeps are here with me.

Love the fact that I get to check out the new blog while puffing on some delicious Silver Haze and downing some whiskey on the rocks. Couldn’t of scripted it better.

Here’s some bud in my pipe and a whiskey toast to the Motley Moose.

Spiffy ( I’m resigned to being called that) out!


  1. Stipes

    Hey Buddy,

    I’m still sober at the moment, but plan to load a bowl right now, (White Widow, so sweeet).

    How ya’ doin’, BTW?  Do ya’ have the weekend off?

    Dude, don’t worry about the technology thing!  

    That’s why us old farts are here.  We make technology easy, (actually, I’m just as much a Luddite as you are with this internets thing, so it’s not generational).


  2. Kysen

    It is only up and running for the Charter Members….NOT open for others yet.

    And, since we’ve yet figured out a way to password protect the site…this means that the utmost care must be taken to prevent the ‘leaking’ of the domain name.

    If we can keep from leaking a name as long as Obama can (the night before announcemen)…I will consider that a success.


  3. jonra

    testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing…

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

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