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Open Thread for commonmass and GMB02 Updates Started 1/26

The Moose has graciously allowed this post to serve as an open thread for us to share any updates we find about the dire health situation of GMB02.

While commonmass hasn’t put up a new diary in two days he is commenting in others.  What we know as of now is that GMB02 is becoming a bit aware of what’s going on and the ventilator is at a lower setting.  So at least a bit of positivity.

Please add whatever you find and if it’s big news I’ll edit the diary and bring it into the body.  Otherwise check here as you see new comments added.  

Any other thoughts to help facilitate the flow of info?  Also, if it bogs down or falls off anyone just put up a new one.

Thanks Moose.

Column on Columns

The GOP and it’s leading spokespersons (well, Rush Limbaugh, but if it’s all you got…) are all ready to make a huge fuss over the stage at Denver’s Invesco Field.

Apparently there are columns in the backdrop.  Oh my.

What kind of hubris it would be to use columns in the background of a US electorial speech?  How assuming, how arrogant, gosh, how un-American can you get?!?

Here’s a sneak preview: